Word Document missing after low memory

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by zachjustice123, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2012
    Macbook Pro version: 10.6.8
    tl;dr-download .docx file(chemlab outline I filled out). I work on it. Word says low memory, I do nothing. cmd+s. Word says nothing, assume file saved. close windows. take break. emptry trash to make memory. try to get file, file gone.

    I was using my cousin's laptop in lieu of my own and downloaded and saved a .docx file(Chem Lab rubric I filled out). Word said the file needed to be converted, I converted the file. The file was saved in the downloads folder.

    The mac would try to autosave every now and then and would say that there was not enough memory on the disc (I'm guessing it meant the hard drive) to autosave. I did nothing.

    Later, I cmd+s'd to save the file and nothing popped up telling me there was not enough memory. I assumed the file had been saved. I then closed the word application, closed the computer for about 10-15 minutes.

    When I opened the computer again and tried to access the .docx file again, word said it needed to convert the document (as it did the first time when I download the file). I click okay and word said there is not enough space on the disc to convert the file.

    I then proceed to try and free up some space on the computer by deleting some files. I do this by emptying the trash. When I try and convert the file again, word says the file no longer exists. I try to search for the file to no avail and I have assumed it has been deleted.

    What happened to this file? It was my chemistry lab with 6 hours of labor put into it. Any help or information related to this would be much appreciated.
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    From your explanation it sounds to me that you don't have enough space on your computer to save files, rather than low memory, which is something different. If there is no space, then the file won't be saved. That would explain the mystery of where your file has gone.
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    That seems like the most logical explanation.

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