Word Flow: A Word Search Puzzle Game

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    Word Flow XL - iPad.png
    There are 2 words left in this puzzle. Can you find them?

    Word Flow is both a word search and puzzle game. The concept is simple. Connect the letters to form words. Every letter is part of a word and there are a set number of words to find. The game will test your command of English language. The more larger your vocabulary the better you'll do.

    - 250 puzzles available that range from easy 4x4 grids to hard 8x8 grids.
    - Thousands of words to find.
    - A dictionary allows you to look up the definitions of every word, which makes it great for learning.

    Download it for free from the AppStore!

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    Word Flow - Level 5 M.png
    Here's a sample puzzle. Try to find all the words.​

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