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Aug 14, 2016
I had done a search in my computer and about 1400 documents appeared. I wanted to screenshot specific ones, so was sending about 800 documents to trash so I could screenshot those left before putting back the 800 documents. I must have hit a wrong button - instead of going to trash they all started opening. I force quit Word. Then I tried to open Word again, and as it always does, it started opening all the documents that had closed on force quit. I again force quit Word. The number of documents that opens automatically can be set in Preferences of Word, but I can't open Word at all in order to set the preferences without all of the documents opening. How can I open Word without all the documents opening or get all the documents to not open? Not only will it probably crash my computer, I don't have time to close them all one by one.


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Oct 8, 2019

MS Wold, Excell, PP, Outlook... are they free in App Store?
I downloaded, not accept 360 free month, but I can use it.
Where is the trick?
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