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    I have inherited a 30 page Word document with an index. There are two pages numbered as page 7 which, of course, fouls up the index. In fact the numbering goes 7, 8, 7, 8, 9 and thereafter each page increments by one.
    I have deleted page numbers and then added page numbers and get the same result.

    When I look at the footers I see this
    Page 6 Even Page Footer Section 6, Same as Previous
    Page 7 Odd Page footer section 8 Same as Previous
    Page 8 Even Page Footer Section 10 Same as Previous
    Page 7 (the 2nd one) Odd Page Footer Section 11 Same as Previous
    Page 8 (the 2nd one) Even Page Footer - Section 12 same as Previous.

    I have checked the formatting and the section and page breaks throughout appear correct - I have no idea what is happening here.
    One solution would probably be to start a new document and copy and paste but I hope to find a less arduous solution here.

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    An easy one, for me! I've been dealing with this for years... You missed a setting. Assuming you're using Word 2011, but the gist is pretty much the same for all versions of Word since 2000/2004.

    Navigate to the page you're seeing the second set of "Page 7" on, then choose the "Insert > Page Numbers..." command, then choose "Format". Look at the "Page numbering" subsection, and you'll likely see "Start At", with a "7" following it (see the first image below). You'll want to deselect that choice and select the "Continue from previous section" option (see the second option below).

    After your the physical Page 7, the document has a New Section Break (starting a new Section) as opposed to a Continuous Section Break, and there's a "restart" on page numbering. FWIW, I've seen something like this happen when a previous user deletes a range of pages, but not the inserted section break - so they'll have removed data following the section break, but not the delineation that "tells" the document how the following data is to be paginated when printing. I hope this helps - it only took a minute to set up the screen shots to address your issue, I've seen it so many times. You'll want to rebuild your TOC and/or Index afterwards as well.

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