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    Application Name: Word Game ( Excellent )
    Application link: http://itunes.apple.com/in/app/word-game-excellent/id354623771?mt=8


    Playing with letters is an interesting task, here is a game called "Word Game" for iphone users and who love to play with letters. The goal of Word Game is to form a dictionary words of 4 letters, 5 or 6 letters, 7,8 or 9 letters by tapping on colorful letter cubes. How to play Objective of the game is to form a dictionary word by tapping on letter cubes. There are two modes: Normal and Difficult mode. In normal mode there are 84 letter cubes and in difficult mode there are 112 letter cubes. There are 3 levels in each mode. In first level you have to form 4 letter dictionary word, in second level you have to form 5 or 6 letter word and in third mode you have to form 7,8 or 9 letter word. * By tapping on normal mode you get 84 letter cubes. You have to tap on single letter but not which is in similar set. Similarly tap on 3 more letters which form dictionary word and click on "submit". By forming correct dictionary 5 points are assigned. * If there are same adjacent letters tap on them and remove them. By removing similar adjacent letters you get points. * If you fail to arrange dictionary word you wont get any points. * If you want new letters just tap on any letters from which no words can be formed and new letters are added. * Similarly in the second level you have to form 5 or 6 letter dictionary words and in third level you have to form 7 to 9 letter word. * In difficult mode there are 112 letters and the levels are similar to normal mode. * If your score is high you can add your name in high scorer list or else it will take default name as unknown. Refresh your mind by playing new "Word Game" in your iphone and learn many new words by tapping colorful letter cubes.

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