Word like software that allows quick unit changes?

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    Oct 24, 2011
    Is there any software, for Mac or PC, that acts like a word document in that you can edit text but has a button such that all the values in the document can be quickly changed from English to Metric units?

    Basically, I have a standard document that I make slight adjustments to based on the project, but I have to have and update two of them, one for Metric and one for English units. Maybe there is a way to have just one?
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    Jun 6, 2011
    What you're asking for is find the numbers in text and change them. What you could do instead is change the numbers and then add the text around it.

    To do the latter, you could set up an Excel document to generate/create text for you for both metric and english units, and copy-paste that into a Word document as required.

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