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    Hi All:

    I just upgraded my Airbook to Mojave. I'm a writer using Word for Mac 2011. My manuscripts are all in Word. I just got a notice that my Word program is 32 bit and in the future will not be compatible with Mac's 64bit system. This is a 'bit' out of my realm of understanding because I originally never had to download the app on my Mac. It was done years ago for me when I taught school.

    Do I need to get the latest 64-bit version of Word (so I don't lose all my documents) and can anyone give me an address to the legitimate Word site to do this? Does Mac support help with this? Any information will be helpful. Thank you.
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    No need to update Word with Mojave, you're seeing the nags and warnings that the next version of macOS will not support 32 bit apps/extensions/utilities. I've moved on to Office 365 but still have a few legacy apps on my iMP running Mojave, those apps won't be updated as the devs have retired...

    My strategy is to dual boot - creating a new Volume (not a Partition!!!) and install my next macOS update on that Volume and installing updated apps on that new Volume to leave any legacy cruft behind on my Mojave Volume while moving on to what's next on a clean OS installation. I can use my legacy apps on my Mojave Volume and boot into the new macOS Volume as needed. QED. You should be able to use Word 2011 in that vein until, well, as long as needed...
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    Thanks so much! Very Helpful.


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