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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Chip NoVaMac, Apr 17, 2006.

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    I posted elsewhere about having words and no words posts instead of the monthly assignments.
    IN another forum I am in they have the following categories:

    words: subject matter - meaning that photos posted should meet the thread title; and that the OP and others are more than welcome to add comments on the image, or what they feel behind that image. The OP is looking for others to comment both on the technique and the subject

    nw: (no words) - meant to indicate that the post is only for images that relate to the OP's image. No words of support or comment are supposed to be left.

    w/nw: (words/no words) This is more like the "words" post; but the OP is more open to "dialog" both written and visual. This can include comments on how the image could have been better.

    To be honest in the other forum, "words" and "nw" are seldom used any more.

    The only advice I can give is no to make it so specific that others might not be able join in; ie., a topic like "Kevin Bacon with a one armed red head in an Easter Bunny costume". Don't laugh I have seen some threads in the other forums with such restrictive descriptions.

    I would hope that we can adopt the "w/nw" form here as the norm. It may require a thick skin at times, but the lessons learned will be well worth it.
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    Oh, OK! NOW I've got it! In other words, the "Words" would be critiques and commentary from viewers looking at someone's image, or if the photographer specified "no words," this means that he or she is NOT looking for critiques and commentary. In a site to which I belong there is something similar, with a specific "critiques" forum and members post an image about which they want feedback and critiques and another forum where they post images where they're not looking for help or critiques, just want to share the picture. In the critique forum it is suggested that people view the image and then add constructive commentary rather than just saying, "ooh, I love this!" Rather than "cheerleading," the forum is supposed to promote thoughtful consideration and feedback so that a viewer would write, "I love this image because..." or, "I really like this, but if you were to crop a little more here on the left, that would make a stronger impact....." People are strongly urged to help oneanother out and to explain their thinking and comments and to teach, if that's needed, so that someone would say, "in your editing program, you can use the tools..." and then specify exactly the steps that would be used to achieve specific corrections.

    Yes, I agree with you, Chip, that we need to make the photo sharing we do here more productive. So far it seems as though all we've done is submitted images and then there have been few comments or feedback except the occasional "cheerleading" type. It would be important, though, for the photographer to specify whether or not he or she is asking for help with the image and feedback on it....

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