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    May 6, 2006
    Although it’s a Classic app, WP runs without problems on any PPC Mac on any version of OSX. For Tiger users, a free Spotlight plugin is available.

    WP’s enhanced outlining module, written to match the feature set of More 3.1, has been called the best outliner available on the Mac. The free third-party utility DocCompare uses Perl and an advanced algorithm to provide version tracking superior to other word processors, OSX or Classic. The free Regular Expression Search has a better feature set and interface than the regex components of Nisus or MS Word.

    Free support and discussion, links to the program download, the necessary OS 8/9/Classic updater, the most recent set of conversions, dictionaries for 18 languages and over a hundred third-party files and links, are available at:

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    Oct 21, 2004
    I make certain anything with a .wps extension, which inadvertently finds its way on to my desktop, is shown my wastebasket's interior, post haste.

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