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    Aug 4, 2010
    I am sure this has been covered before, but I did a search and couldn't find anything.

    I just got a replacement for my work iPad and am considering setting it up on a separate Apple ID, in part because it would relieve some iCloud storage issues with my iPhone 6 Plus and iPadad on the same account. And allow me to tie my work CC to that Apple ID.

    What am I giving up by putting them on separate Apple ID? It is convenient to use iMessage and Facetime on either my phone or iPad, but not sure it is that big a deal.
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    Oct 2, 2015
    From someone who uses every apple device known to man for work, don't do it. Splurge on the cheap icloud storage. You're going to go mad if you try to to do what you think you're going to end up doing.
    you'll want that ONE note that didn't copy over, or you'll miss that ONE time you want to pick up in a browser where you left off. At first you'll want to punch puppies, but eventually you'll embrace it as small annoyances. No matter what, you WILL cave and get back to one id, then you'll be pissed off you have to import everything again.

    EDIT : You'll also have other small problems. Like auto log in, i use it for things that are not very important, sure it'll setup again, but it'll still be annoying. Mostly though, it's going to just be things that are out of sync. I like for everything to sync between my devices, if i change my calendar on my phone, i want to see it on my watch, macbook, and ipad air / pro. If i add an alarm on my tablet, i might walk away and i expect it to be on my watch, when i first switched, i did that a lot and had to remind myself that it was a different ID completely.

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