Working on a PowerPC game


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Jan 15, 2015
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As the title says, I have been working on a game and decided to try to port it for PowerPC. The game is very slow on my PowerBook G4, guess that means I gotta optimize it more. The game uses HTML 5, I could export it to Linux if some are willing to run Linux or already do.

If you want to play it, go here(I can't get rid of ads till I buy the site):

Go to the HTML_TWO folder and it should load, I tested this on TenFourFox & Safari. Both browsers had no issues loading.:)

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Aug 22, 2014
What are you playing it in?

Google Chrome has issues with HTML 5, but FireFox,TenFourFox,Safari(Ver. 5.0.6) had no issue.

Heres a screenshot:
Ok I tried Safari 5 and it worked.

What do you mean by "port it to PowerPC" and "port it to Linux"? This is an HTML5 game in the browser so shouldn't it work on anything that supports HTML5?