Workout without the phone...problem?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Dentifrice, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Hi !

    For the first time, I used my apple watch without my iphone when doing sport. In fact, I played hockey. When I started the workout, I was in the locker room so my iphone was connected then I went on the ice and the distance was too long for the watch and phone to connect together.

    Then I went back to my locker room (so the phone reconnect) and I stopped the workout.

    Now that is where it's weird. It seems that all the heart rate entries from the moment I was too far away from my phone and the moment I got back (1 hour and a half), we're not transfert to my health app.

    The workout activity (with valid active calories, etc..) is there but zero heart rate entries in health app...

    So I though this was a the way it works, when you don't have your phone, heart rate are lost and you only have your workout entry.

    But I'm doing a lot of tests now and all the heart rate entries sync back when my phone is connected back.

    Did anyone had this problem ?

    Thanks and sorry for my english

    EDIT: forgot to say that I'm using a chest strap connected to my apple watch to get my heart rate
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    The issue may be coming from the chest strap, as if you connect the chest strap you are telling the watch to disregard heart rate and use the heart rate data from the strap. Ensure that the chest strap is working correctly. Unfair / remove the chest strap from apple watch and reconnect. Try Going to the apple watch app on your iPhone and go to general then reset, and select reset sync data, see if that helps.
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    I think it warrants being asked, but to which device is the chest strap connected? Maybe it defaulted to your phone when you were nearby?
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    No, if it was only connected to the watch and not the phone before then only em the watch could decipher the info and then transfer it to the phone.
  5. Exile714 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 14, 2015
    I don't think that's accurate. You can connect to either one individually and the data will transfer to the health app, no "deciphering" required. Now if you're in the habit of using one or the other, it's possible to leave it connected to the phone and it won't know to connect to the watch automatically.

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