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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Jim Campbell, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Jeez. My "Jobs Screwed Me" thread gets cast out into the wasteland because everyone thinks I'm seriously complaining about the disparity between the 1G and 3G Nano, and then I read this on Appleinsider:

    I mean: FFS ... show me one supplier of storage, disk or solid state, where you get 100% of the advertised capacity. My 500Gb external came with about 460Gb of usable storage ... that's 8% of my capacity I''ve been gypped out of, because of that pesky stuff like directory structure and file headers.




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    Short of the minor overhead in formatting & setting up the filesystem, you did get 100%, in Base-10, anyway.

    Problem is, the computer reports in Base-2, and therein lies the discrepancy.

    It's not unlawful, or even unethical, really, just the way it works. Kinda like cereal boxes and potato chip bags being only half-full when you buy them. Now that really chaps my a$$... ;)
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    Actually, with potato chips they puff it full of air like that to help protect the chips. If it was full to the top, you'd get a lot more broken chips. :)

    Its a silly lawsuit, but I do wish the manufacturers would use a consistent measure of what a gigabyte is. Why can't drive manufacturers just use thee same 1024 bytes to the megabyte the computer's OS does? it would stop the question being asked by just about everyone at one time or another.
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