World in a box after boot?


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Jan 15, 2006
I decided to get my old iBook out of the closet and give it to my sister before christmas...

Ive ordered a new battery, put in an airport extreme card and decided the icing on the cake would be to add in an extra 512mb of ram ontop of the 128mb on the logic board...

I just installed the ram and suddenly no boot...

I booted from the disc and opened system profiler and checked the Ram was ok...

It was. I then opened Disk Utility and tried verify disk.

I received an error message which said that the disk reported underlying failure on exit... (or similar)

I tried to repair but another warning box popped up half way through saying the same warning message and the fact that it couldnt repair the disk...

I then tried to boot normally and I recieved a flashing world in a box...

Ive never heard of this before (and I know its not the Finder image then question mark) and I am clueless as to what I should do now?

Thanks for any input at all!


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Dec 2, 2006
I would try it without the original RAM module installed, and just the new one. It also wouldn't hurt to remove the Airport card too. Computers can just be incredibly finicky at times :rolleyes:


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May 6, 2006
Leeds, UK
The flashing world in a box could be it attempting to network boot for some reason. Hold alt/option down when you turn it on and it should give you a list of bootable volumes, hopefully your hard drive will show and you can choose it to boot.

Use the 'startup disk' preference pane to make a permanent change.

If the disk doesn't show you might have to resort to erasing it and trying a reinstall.
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