World most expensive MP3 Player



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I was just browsing around and found this 1GB MP3 Player costing $19,999.99.

World's most expensive MP3 player is cast in 750 gold (18 karat) with 63 diamonds (one-karat)

Seems like a pretty good deal. I would buy one but I already have a nano. :p


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Chaszmyr said:
The 3rd party diamond encrusted iPods cost more.
Thats cause your paying for the apple name. :p :rolleyes:

Just kidding.

1 GB for $20,000. Or you could just buy 20,000+ plastic ones.


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May 25, 2004
this guy is a jack-hole
I have 2 of these and plan on getting at least 2 more. I don't know why Mr. Sullivan has a problem with the diamonds, I have yet to be overwhelmed by their shine. Everyone should get this. I'd give this 6 stars if I could. Disposable income rocks!


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Jun 29, 2005
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For that price, at least use a decent MP3 player as a base for all that gold. A 1GB flash player with a tiny 3 color screen? Come on! At least make it something useable.


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Aug 15, 2001
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I don't know which is worse; the thought of somebody so desperate to flaunt their wealth that they would spend $20K on an MP3 player, or the thought of someone so desperate to flaunt their wealth that they would willingly show off an MP3 player that ugly. Either way, it's just sad.

Then again, the entire concept of "electronics as jewelry" seems additionally preposterous to me, since you're basically spending $19,975 on a chunk of gold and diamonds to hold $25 worth of cheap taiwanese electronics that will not only be functionally obsolete in a few years, but will probably break long before that. Then what do you do? Go buy one of the "non diamond" versions out of a junk bin and replace the guts? Oh, wait, if you're that rich and stupid, you probably just throw it away or give it to the help to sell for parts or something.

It's like buying a handcrafted Rolls Royce with a used Chevette chassis and engine in it--just makes you look stupid. The least you could do is buy an overpriced case so you can replace the guts once it's obsolete, so you don't look like an idiot flashing your "blingy" cassette walkman.