World Record holding Thrust SSC Team target 1000mph Land Speed Record

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by edesignuk, Oct 23, 2008.

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    I don't know how that would be justified as the land speed record? If they mean manned land speed record or wheeled land speed record then of course. Otherwise I would say they have a long way to go to match the Air Forces Mach 8.5 rocket sled (6,416 mph / 10,325 km/h), for an absolute land speed record.
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    I think it generally refers to a vehicle that is not tied to a rail or guide system. Both Thrust and Bloodhound are autonomous in the fact they rely only on solid ground to be beneath them.

    Also, to qualify the vehicle must make a run in each direction and the average is taken (within a given time frame - can't remember it exactly).

    I'll bet the rocket sled cant do these things.

    True tho if it were just record manned vehicle speed at Ground level then I am sure the sled would be king.

    Awesome - flying he flag once more (That Andy Green must have cahonas the size of London Buses!!!)
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    I think it's kind of cheating. Using a rocket.

    Aren't there classes?
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    Yup - and this is the unlimited class. The rules, basically

    Four Wheels
    Two of which steer (notably, Thrust SSC had rear wheel steering)

    and then on the site - you have to do two runs thru a measured mile.

    When you enter the measured mile, a clock starts running. You have to be BACK in the measured mile within the hour.

    There are other classes as well - wheel driven (The Turbinator, I think) , wheel driven piston engined, wheel driven diesel ( which Andy Green ALSO holds with JCB Dieselmax! ) and so on...
    I was an enormous fan of Thrust SSC, and frankly, Bloodhound SSC sends shivers up my spine. I only live about 30 minutes up the road from the museum where they keep Thrust 2 and Thrust SSC.

    Attached - a photo of Thrust SSC, with me (sat in the engine :D ), Andy Mishkin (Sojourner Rover engineer), Sharon Laubach ( MER mission manager) and Scott Maxwell. Scott is a Rover Driver - and technically, holds the Mars land speed record (you may have seen his talk at Gnomedex). When the museum guy who took the picture said "Sit in the engine" - I didn't have to be asked twice :)


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