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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by thadoggfather, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Oct 1, 2007
    I took my early 2008 mbp in because the superdrive wont burn DL and the 8600M gt is scrambling graphics on the screen so im getting the logic board and superdrive replaced. parts werent in but they decided to do an in store repair (the wrist rest has some blemishes on the silver, no dents or drops just blemishes probably from my watch or whatever on my wrist scratching it, they said the depot would probably not repair the computer because of this -- i call BS), got the parts in i think monday or tuesday (took my laptop in saturday morning), called them for an update tuesday and they said it would be done early that evening and ready most likely wednesday. the phone lines at this store were clogged so i decided to drive there, they said another three days but to call back friday (today). there was like no one behind the genius bar and apparently no techs at work that day. been on hold for 20 minutes and finally hung up just now.

    never taking my computer to this store again. i have a solder point stuck in the apple on the back of the display (not noticable on the actual LCD) and they said they'd havet o replace the whole screen not just the glowing apple so i delayed getting that repaired too because the replacement screen i got months ago has been working fine and looks nice.

    this is BOGUS! also, i had my battery replaced because the other one was defective. i've had it up to here with apple... this is an early 2008 that i got as a replacement after so many display replacement screwups on my mid 2007 (one had purple stuff in the middle, and the second replacement didnt have iChat cam working even with all the proper hookups). i'm getting close to demanding another replacement laptop from apple, only im tired of dealing with their service and just want a working computer already!
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    Call Applecare, ask they send you a box so you can send your laptop to them and get it fixed.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    +1 for mailing it into Applecare. They seem to be a lot more customer service oriented than many of the people at the genius bar. Many genius bar staff misinterpret Apple's policies and procedures and err on the side of being unnecessarily conservative -- whereas the mail in service would fix it without question.

    Sorry for your trouble--that sounds like a real pain.
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    Feb 4, 2007
    If I need to go to see a genius for any mbp issue that needs to be fixed under warranty, should i replace the original ram if i upgraded with a 3rd party ram?
  5. HBOC macrumors 68020

    Oct 14, 2008
    NO. When my LB was replaced on my then 1 month old MBP in december, i left my Ram in there. They said it was fine. It is user replaceable.
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    Jan 8, 2009
    So this is like 5th or 6th time you've had to take your macbooks in for repair?

    You're either hard on macbooks or very unlucky. Regardless, if I were your auto/life insurance carrier I'd drop you.
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    Dec 6, 2008
    what???? what in the world does that have do with anything?
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    ^ I'm disregarding two posts above. Defend a company and the unreliability of portable electronics and be on the offense to loyal customers, makes sense. ;)


    I have my laptop back now. Most absurd experience. I just emailed them a nasty gram too:

    "I would like to share with you the less-than-satisfactory experience I had getting my computer repaired. I took my early 2008 MacBook Pro in to get the graphics card and SuperDrive fixed as the 8600M GT card was scrambling graphics on the screen and I took screenshots of it. Also, the SuperDrive was working well for the most part but would refuse to burn Dual Layer DVD+R's; it created multiple coasters when I used the highest quality media on the lowest burn setting. The Genius wanted to run a graphics test on the card, saying that normally there is no picture on the screen as opposed to scrambled graphics (where it says in Apple documentation that graphics scrambling is a common issue and needs replacement: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2377). Anyways, he could not run a graphics test because the USB drive that had it was erased, and there was no backup USB drive so he took the computer and ordered the parts for it anyways, a new logic board and SuperDrive. I was told it would be between 4-6 business days, and he would run tests some other time.

    On Tuesday, just to get an update to see how things are going, an Apple store employee over the phone told me that the parts were in and my machine was on the workbench for early Tuesday repair service and would likely be done Wednesday. Since I was in the area on Wednesday, I came in mid day expecting to pick up my computer and the lady behind the counter told me it was still being worked on and would need 3 additional days but that I should try back on Friday. I told her what I heard the other day on the phone, and she offered no resolution. She also told me that due to cosmetic damage, the in store repair would be saving me $1000 as opposed to sending it off to the repair center where they are more strict about damage. At that point, I didn't know what "damage" she was referring to and was concerned my machine was damaged in the process of storing it in the back room. Turns out, what she considered cosmetic damage was a slight scratch blemish near the plastic bezel that could have easily been caused by wearing a watch on my wrist (the last Genius I dealt with on Friday night told me that's absurd, and "the cosmetic damage" was not an issue to the repair in the slightest). By the way, I have never dropped or dented the machine or poured any liquids on it either. So, I called back on Friday, early evening, and the person I spoke to on the phone this time told me the SuperDrive was in the store but not the logic board (they were still waiting for that), after being told Tuesday that the parts were in and the machine was going to be done by Wednesday. Also, I waited 20 minutes on the phone as the next customer in the queue and after being impatient, hung up the phone and called again when somebody was actually picking up. At this point, I was furious. I became tired of the inconsistent sources of information and called the Apple store one more time to pick up my laptop, repair order complete or not. I had, from what I had been told, taken for a ride for 6 days with my machine essentially collecting dust in the back room.

    After sitting at the genius bar for 30 minutes last night, without a single Genius making eye contact with me (while being inches from their faces the entire time) in order to avoid acknowledgment of my presence while working with other customers, I finally confronted a Genius near the right side and told her I want to pick the machine up and I'm fed up and want to tell the manager about the experience I'm describing now. Turns out my MacBook Pro was the first work order on the bench for Friday night after speaking to the last person over the phone, and Carlos did a fantastic job being very friendly and helpful as well as Vanessa during my frustrating experience. They were the only people who seemed to care about my poor experience. I wanted to speak to the manager who was on duty around 7:00, only she was busy dealing with another frustrated customer I overheard about not getting iPhone repairs resolved over the course of a week, which sounded a lot like my story.

    The fact that the laptop repaired was completed was a pleasant surprise, and it should not have had to been. Given the multiple stories I heard about my laptop, from it being ready Wednesday to not having the parts in on Friday and getting completed on Friday as well as the outrageous claims of cosmetic damage over the phone which really got me upset is the most absurd experience I ever had, from Apple or not. I am far less inclined to ever take any of my Mac computers to this retail location, to recommend it to friends at the University of Miami in case they have technical issues, or to purchase one of the newer unibody style MacBook Pro's (which I was going to be in the market for sometime between now and the beginning of the next school year) from this store. I hope you have read my constructive criticism and take it to heart because I am certain I am not the first customer at this store who has had a less-than-optimal experience from a company who relies heavily on Customer Service and good customer relations."

    There's a typo or two and the grammar isn't the best, but I think they get the idea.
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    Feb 24, 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    If you had the same problem happen to you more than once, I would've asked for a replacement. I'm thinking if I had to send my repair 6 times (with an avg. of 3 days waiting), I would be without my laptop for more than half a month and regardless if it's for school or work, that's a long time. It also depends on what store you go to I guess. I know the stores in the GTA, the service is amazing. My friend had a pretty beat up MacBook and the MagSafe was gone. The Apple Store didn't even charge him for the repair and his computer wasn't in warranty.

    As for the person who said just mail it in, they just fix it, that's almost sending false information. The Genius Bar is probably a bit more anal/strict but the service depot also analyzes the computer before the repair it, they just don't go through with the repair as they receive computers. There has been so many times where customers will call in asking where their computer is and only to find that the service depot has it on hold and more often than none, won't repair it because of water damage or accidental damage. It might seem to work better by mailing it because the user has gone through initial diagnoses on the phone but Apple still needs to see it. Also, I don't know why users tend to lie about the condition of their computers. If there is a dent, tell us there is a dent instead of thinking it might get passed inspection.
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    Well hopefully this particular Apple store reads my email and takes it into consideration.

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