Worst experience dealing w/ apple. Best method to file a formal complaint?

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    I am going through the worst experience trying to get a working iPhone through apple.
    I dont think anyone would believe the story if i told them that i've gone through 5 iPhones in <3 weeks, visited the apple store at least 5 times in the process and dealt with totally incompetent and unresponsive phone support.

    My current phone also stopped charging over the weekend and has been dead for 3 days. Now I'm getting zero response from a customer service agent who's "assigned" to my case.

    Whats the best way to make a formal complaint to the person in highest charge of customer relation?
    Is there a direct phone, email etc?

    I was actually told to call the general 800 number or leave at feedback@apple.com.
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    thanks, will also do that.

    Edited to say, how are there no district managers to oversee the managers at the store level?
    When i asked the store manager for their supervisor, they basically said they have none or refused to give their contact info??
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    i wrote a complaint about my applecare experience to 1 infinite loop, and i got a reply about a month later telling me to use apple.com/feedback heh
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    Find the number to Applecare, call them and ask to speak with a senior manager (or be contacted by one). Explain your situation.

    I know of someone who blew through 6 defective iPhone 5c's and because his case was documented with Applecare+ AND he called them and spoke with a higher level executive Apple ultimately replaced his last 5c with a 5s.

    You just need to speak with someone that has authority to do something.
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