Worst thing ever! (spilled windex)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by robertsawicki, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. robertsawicki, Feb 2, 2015
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    The worst thing happened to me. I bought a used mid 2010 MacBook Pro and when I came home to clean it, I accidentally spilled a little bit of windex onto the trackpad. The computer was off, and I took as much liquid out with a paper towel by pressing down on the trackpad and getting all the corners. Did that a few times. My regrets are that I didn't think of blow drying it and I started using the computer about 15 minutes after it happened. It's worked fine but I am worried it will be problematic in the future. Is there a fix to it if it does break? And what would be the cost?
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    Short - $800

    I just bought a 2010 MacBook cheap because the battery was dead (it didn't show up in the report at all). Took it to the Apple Store and they said there was signs of water damage and it would take a main board replacement to fix - $800. (I don't think that included the $129 battery).

    I would rather get an external battery, but it turns out a slightly used $20 battery and an SMC reset fixed my machine.
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    I do not think that anything has happened to be honest. I have spilled drops of water over my rMBP that I lost count of it, and there was never an issue. It only becomes problematic if there is a large amount of liquid that actually soaks into the machine.

    However, should there be some damage, the recommended course of action would be selling the laptop for parts and getting a new one. It will cost you the same, but you'd at least get a new machine out of it.
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    The Apple Store told you $800 for a logic board replacement? Wow! I would seriously question that. My mid 2010 MBP is at an Apple Store. It's being sent to an authorized repair center to get a new logic board. $210 for the board $100 for labor. It would be $500 if they did it in store. The board itself can be purchased for around $650 online. Just food for thought.

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