Worth it now to buy Apple Care for rMBP?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by stark4, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. stark4 macrumors 6502

    Oct 14, 2008
    My rMBP factory warranty is expiring soon. Is it worth it to get the Apple Care now since apple's new warranty will cover the battery now for duration of the warranty. Do you guys know how much apple charges to replace the battery if i don't have the apple care?

  2. Phil A. Moderator

    Phil A.

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    Apr 2, 2006
    Shropshire, UK
    I'm in the same position and am undecided what to do at the moment - AppleCare is pretty expensive (but so was the computer!).

    a new battery for the rMBP is $199 + Tax
  3. Dark Void macrumors 68030

    Dark Void

    Jun 1, 2011
    Only opinions can be offered for this - it's not right or wrong, worth it or not worth it by default.

    If you want the peace of mind that a warranty provides, get it. It may come in handy.
  4. takeshi74 macrumors 601

    Feb 9, 2011
    Worth is subjective just as it is on any topic. It's your call to make based on your preferences, budget, etc.

    If anything was universally worth it then everyone would have it. If anything was universally not worth it then no one would have it. Reality is that regardless of battery coverage that some have AppleCare and some do not given the differences in their preferences and so on.

    You can always check the source:
  5. thatsfinebut macrumors member

    Oct 22, 2010
    I would absolutely get AppleCare, but don't buy it from Apple. Buy it from an authorized reseller such as B&H Photo and save ~$100.

    If anything non-accidental ever happens to your rMBP, the cost to repair your rMBP is almost certain to be more than AppleCare costs. In my tenure of owning Apple products, I've brought every product in for something. Apple builds great hardware, but things happen.

    Also, from my understanding of Apple's new battery replacement policy, Apple will only replace your less than 80% battery life battery if you are still under AppleCare. Otherwise, you are charged $129 to $199.

    On a side note, I just returned from the Apple store to get the battery of my original 2012 rMBP replaced for free. My AppleCare expired on June 26th, but I went in a few weeks ago because my battery life was pretty bad. At the time, the battery seemed okay, and the genius bar employee created a case. He said if I came in and still had the problem in a few weeks, I would not be charged for a battery replacement because the case was created before my AppleCare expired.

    When I went in today, my battery was below 80% and considered failing. As a result, I'm getting a brand new battery, which means that I'm also getting a new bottom shell, trackpad, and keyboard. Not too bad.
  6. christarp macrumors 6502


    Oct 29, 2013
    Honestly, I didn't buy it and don't regret it. I've never had any issues with any of my electronics for some reason. All of my consoles still work (original ps3 and 360 as well), and I'm just not accident prone. I don't baby this machine because I just don't feel the need to and it's still in near perfect condition. about a year and a half with this and everything's fine, battery is still extremely strong, etc. It's up to you if you want it or not though. I would take an objective look at how accident prone you are and decide. For me, it didn't seem worth it.
  7. Spinit14 macrumors member

    Apr 12, 2014
    I just recently purchased applecare for my rMBP from Amazon for $174. It's worth the piece of mind and also if something goes wrong I can get it fixed for free rather than paying $500+
  8. Phil A. Moderator

    Phil A.

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    Apr 2, 2006
    Shropshire, UK
    I think it's worth emphasising that AppleCare on computers does not include cover for accidental damage (a couple of posts above imply that it does)
  9. mpfuchs macrumors regular


    Sep 19, 2014
    Are you carrying your MacBook around a lot? Do you travel a lot?
    If you do, I would get AppleCare. Like mentioned above from B&H or amazon.

    I'm mostly using mine from home, moving it from the living room to the kitchen and that's about it. Less likely for something to happen.
    That being said I'm still undecided, and might still get AppleCare before my regular coverage expires.
  10. EvilEvil macrumors 6502a


    Jan 8, 2007
    New York City
    It's a waste of money IMO. Always buy your Apple products with an Amex card. You'll get an extra year of coverage for free.
  11. Ray2 macrumors 6502a

    Jul 8, 2014
    I've had 2 Mac's serviced under warranty (1 under 1st year warranty, 1 under AppleCare). Both were logic board replacements, both were over $900. You decide if you're willing to gamble. That's the nature of insurance.
  12. thatsfinebut macrumors member

    Oct 22, 2010
    About a year ago, when I was two years into my warranty, I brought my rMBP to the genius bar because I noticed a very small cluster of dead pixels. Apple replaced the display under AppleCare. Without my warranty, the charge supposedly would have been $ 623.86 (an amount I definitely would not have paid).

    As mentioned above, the decision is up to you. In my case, after spending $3,004 on my 2012 rBMP, $239 for AppleCare (I bought the AppleCare with a student discount) was a no brainer, and for me the warranty was well worth its cost.

    You will find people who have Apple products that work fine for 5+ years without a single issue, and people who have multiple things go wrong in a 3-year period of time. In my case, I've had enough AppleCare warranty experiences that I tell people close to me that it's a bad idea to go without it. I've definitely bought four-year warranties for TVs I've owned, and didn't end up using them, but for every Apple product I've kept for three years (maybe not my Mac Mini), I've used it. My girlfriend's brother had a white plastic MacBook, and a few months after his one-year warranty ended, something on the logic board broke and he couldn't charge the MacBook. Replacing the logic board was going to be some ridiculous amount of money, and he had to turn the computer into a media PC.

    That said, I think the more money you spend on an Apple product, the more it makes sense to get AppleCare. I probably wouldn't get AppleCare on an iPod touch, but I did on my iPhone, and I would on a $1,000 MBA.

    I can't speak to the effectiveness or ease of using a credit card extended warranty on an Apple product, but maybe someone else can. Whatever that experience is like, I can't imagine it being better or more pleasant than going into the Genius bar and getting your computer back sometime within a few hours or days.
  13. newellj macrumors 603

    Oct 15, 2014
    Boston, MA, US
    I agree with this post, but for clarity, unlike AppleCare+ for iDevices, AppleCare for Macs does not provide any drops/spills insurance. It is purely an extended warranty.
  14. prospervic macrumors 6502


    Aug 2, 2007
    So glad I had Applecare when my 2012 rMBP suddenly developed the image retention issue after the original 1-year warranty ran out. Instead of having to pay for a $700 repair, it cost me zip, nada, $0.

    Protect your investment. Buy it.

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