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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by JUMPINTHEGUN, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Jan 2, 2008
    I just upgraded from my 2006 MBP 15". I bought it new in 2006 and about a year ago upgraded the HDD to an SSD to get more life (speed) out of it... and wow, what a difference it made! About a month ago, I got the red pixel issue (researched it to be either a loose connector or bad logic board... bad logic board); plus, I was on my third battery in 5+ years and still got maybe 2 hours (after adding the SSD). Just got my MBA/13/i7/256 (samsung, BTW) w/ TBD and it is awesome! Perfect machine in my home office, HUGE TB screen and perfect portability... getting used to Lion and now making use of mission control and launchpad - makes the 13" screen much more useable, IMO. For those of you trying to decide, the MBA is a great machine - I use if for personal/business use... web, office, mail, netflix, quickbooks and all the normal fun stuff OS X brings (iPhoto, iMovie, etc.) I don't do coding or any overly heavy lifting when it comes to photos or videos - just home stuff. This is the perfect machine for that... For me, the 11" was too small for when I am mobile - and at $100 difference with both maxed out, the 13" was the way to go for me... I also run Parallels for the few (two, actually) Windows/IE - needs... runs like a champ; better than the Lenovo my wife has for work...
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    Aren't they? the SSD is the clincher. So fast, its the perfect companion to my iMac.

    My Speck case just came, and yes the protection is good but BOY are they making money out of it.

    two clear pieces of plastic and four extra legs on the bottom.

    UK price...? £35.99 Must have cost them all of £2.00 to make, but at least I'm protected now!
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    Yes... everybody is making money on the accessories... good for them!

    I just got the knomo leather sleeve for mine - great for carrying the MBA by itself to the coffee house and now it fits in my bag perfectly.. taking up at the extra space left by the vacancy of my 15" MBP #feelslikeaboatanchornow

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