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    "WOTA: U-Boat Compass" for iOS is a fully working detailed 3D-Simulation of a U-Boat compass used on German Type VII Uboats during World War 2

    This App uses artwork from the upcoming mobile submarine simulation games "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic“ & "WOTA: U 96"…


    …and it was developed in cooperation with the Technical Museum U 995 of the German Naval Association. In addition, the app comes with a short animated tour detailing the compass installations aboard Type VII submarines.

    Download on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wota-u-boat-compass/id956825556?mt=8

    Website: http://www.wolves-of-the-atlantic.com/apps/compass/wota-uboat-compass.html






    Press release (and list of features):

    First Spin-Off of the submarine simulation series „WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic“ released.

    BERLIN, Germany. (January 22, 2015) --- Mark Hessburg, in cooperation with the Technical Museum U 995 of the German Naval Association, today released „WOTA: U-Boat Compass“, a unique new type of compass app for iOS. "Yes, you could say it is a compass“ said Hessburg, "but primarily it is actually a fully functional virtual exhibition piece".

    The app offers a working 3D simulation of a naval gyrocompass as used in german submarines during World War II. Situated in the center of a high resolution 360° spherical panorama of the command room of U 995 the compass can be looked at from any angle by turning the device. Of course the 3D model always keeps track of the current geographic direction while the user rotates the view and enjoys the high level of detail. Zooming in on the 3D model works up to the visible surface character of the tiniest screws. The compass, which is assisted by the device’s gyroscope, uses two rotating rings to display direction and offers a precision of up to 1/10 degree. An additional digital Rate of Turn and Angle of List indicator put the emphasis on the naval character of this app.

    "WOTA: U-Boat Compass“ is the hybrid of a submarine simulation game and a museum ship. The app is a Spin-Off of the long-awaited mobile subsim "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic“ as such it offers features no one would expect in a compass app: a 3D animated information tour about the compass installations aboard the german Type VIIC U-Boat which shows an underwater scene and the U-Boat interior of the upcoming game. This impressive part of the app clearly shows the outstanding capabilities of WOTA and ultimately distinguishes the "WOTA: U-Boat Compass“ from all those simple compass apps out there.

    Hessburg: "It had been an honour to cooperate with the German Naval Association and their Technical Museum U 995. The App is closing the gap between history and my WOTA submarine simulation series. It also supports the preservation of the last surviving Type VII U-Boat, offers an extraordinary compass and gives all those thousands of fans of WOTA a the chance to preview a small part of what will be the finished version of Wolves of the Atlantic, and enables them to see its stunning quality and attention to detail directly on their own devices.“

    List of features:

    - Compass assisted by the gyroscope.
    - High resolution 360° panorama of U 995’s command room. Take a virtual look around by moving your device.
    - Look at the compass from different angles by moving your device (lockable). Use pinch to zoom gesture to resize it.
    - Animated information tour with 3D models of a Type VII U-Boat and its command room.
    - Choose your compass case color: Black, Gray, Brass or Transparent.
    - Outer (360°) and inner (10°) compass ring, just like on a typical naval compass.
    - Angle of List indicator.
    - Rate of Turn indicator.
    - Speedometer (requires built-in GPS.)
    - Latitude and longitude (requires built-in GPS or Wi-Fi network connection.)
    - Different units (knots, km/h, mph, ROT per second or per minute.)

    Category: Navigation
    Released: Jan 22, 2015
    Languages: English, German
    Seller: Mark Hessburg
    Price: $0.99

    Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone*5, iPhone*6, and iPhone*6*Plus.
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