would an andrioid user (corporate) comment on exchange?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by sbb155, Dec 16, 2012.

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    I have an iPhone and I am seriously considering going to galaxy s3 or note 2. The primary use of my phone is exchange integration for email and calendar. With the iphone, it works seamlessly into the mail and ical applications, and i can get third party calendar apps which are really great. Again, it is corporate outlook at the office. (not gmail, etc.) Push email is fast, and calendar gets real time updates.... I need that.

    Can some android users, particularly samsung, comment on exchange with android phones?

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    I have used Samsung phones on Gingerbread and it all worked great with my company's exchange setup. I currently use a Galaxy Nexus with stock OS and don't have any problems either. I know a friend of mine uses S3 with the OEM ROM and Exchange related stuff works for him including Lync.

    Bottomline : Unless you have a uncommon Exchange setup (requiring client certs and what not for example) or uncommon needs (unified inbox etc) expect it to work well.
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    I have both the S3 and Note 2. The stock Samsung email app and S planner calendar app work perfectly with exchange. Outlook calendar tasks even show up in the S planner calendar which is a very nice touch. Email also allows you to send multiple attachments from your Android phone with a single email unlike iPhone.

    The email search function also has capabilities that you don't get on iPhone. Say for instance you are searching for an email that isn't on the phone. Both iPhone and Samsung at that point allow you to continue the search remotely on the server for the exchange emails. The difference with Samsung is that you can give it extra parameters to search such as how far back to go. 1 week? 6 months? 1 year? All? It asks you this and thus can significantly speed up the server search when you are on wireless. It doesn't need to search your entire email database if you know the message came in within the last 6 months as an example.

    Overall, I've found the Samsung's and especially the Note 2 to be extremely competent business devices and you couldn't give me an iPhone now. (And I've owned a 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S). Not an Apple slam as I still love my iMac, MacBook Air and Apple TV but they've lost me as a business phone customer. And wait till you get to using Android Navigation and Google Now, you'll be hooked. Cheers!

    P.S. Battery life in the Note 2 is nothing short of amazing. As a business user this cannot be understated.
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    I had an HTC EVO and HTC EVO 3D before switching to iPhone. While the iPhone 4S and 5 work great with Exchange, I felt the Mail app by HTC was far superior in regards to Exchange email and I actually miss it. I could set my out of office on my Android phones plus quite a few other things. I'm not sure if the features were built in by HTC or if all Android handsets have the capability.

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