Would an iPad be right for my mother?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by TDHXXX, Jun 21, 2010.

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    Hey everyone.

    My parents really need a new computer, their current one is an ageing windows box from about 9/10 years ago, I've been trying to convince them to replace it with a macbook but now that the iPad is out I'm thinking that it may be a better alternative but there were still a few questions I had.

    Is it possible to transfer all the music from their PC over to the iPad and is it possible for them to sync an iPod Nano with the device and when they (eventually) end up getting an iPhone 4 will they be able to sync those two together as well?

    One other thing is that when my mother was using an iPad in the store she hated the way the things on the screen moved when she used her finger, is there someway to disable that (I don't really know what she was talking about... she was very vague)?

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    iTunes can sync with multiple devices. iDevices cannot sync to one another.

    An iPad needs a computer to sync with, it can be done but with planning and knowing you might need to hook it up to your computer again.

    Printing doesn't work well/easily yet. Do they need to print?

    Ask her if the icons were "jiggling", if she says yes, tell her she was in the "move them around" mode because she tapped and held an icon.
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    It sounds like you are planning to use the iPad as a primary computer it's really not good for that.

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