Would the 256gb iPhone X have better resale value over the 64gb?


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May 29, 2017
so im looking to get thhe iPhone x. I don't need such a massive space. as my 128gb iPhone 6 has 94gb of space left. although 64gb is a little smaller then what I want, its clear I wont fill it up unless I start using the 4k video on the X but I doubt even that.

I do like to sell my phones after a couple years.

would I get more money back if buy the 256gb or would it really matter?


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Dec 7, 2007
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Just jump on a carrier financing plan or iPhone Upgrade Program. You literally never worry about this again and still get to own the phone.

And additionally - the straight answer to this is yes, the 256GB is going to be the much more desirable phone especially a couple years from now. It's not a good prospect to try and base your purchase on the need to sell it in 2 years.


Sep 20, 2014
would I get more money back if buy the 256gb or would it really matter?
IME selling on swappa, you won't get a full $150 more for it when you resell it compared to what the 64GBs are selling for. You will get more like $75 more for it tops.
maybe easier to sell?
I think that for sure if you price it at only $50-$75 more than the 64GB sell for it will be easier to sell. But if you price it at $75+ or more than the 64GB sell, it will likely be harder to sell. 64GB is a good amount of storage for most people.
You won’t get the $150 price difference back at resale, that’s for sure.
And remember with the sales tax, $150 more is really $160 more. You would be lucky to get $75 of that back at resale.