iPhone Would there be interest in a 'cloud' SMS app?

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    iMessage is great however has one fatal flaw....it only works with other IOS users. I would really like to be able to receive and respond to ALL text messages from any device, iPad, iPhone or computer.

    I initially started developing something for my own personal use but am curious if others would be interested, I could develop something that would work for others as well.

    This is really still only in the early stages of development so don't hold your breath for anything soon but im just gauging if there's any interest for a public application so I can change the way I develop it.

    Your phone will also requires signal whenever you want to send or receive a text...essentially it will relay all messages to a third server. However this is the only way to allow you to keep your phone number.

    This will be very similar to something called "MightyText" for Android.

    EDIT: If there is already something out there that does this please let me know!

    EDIT2: I must have been hiding under a rock because it looks like IOS6 does this!
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    iMessage does this?

    Any device functionality: WhatsApp
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    See edit. It does in IOS 6! Awesome news!

    WhatsApp doesn't work with existing numbers?

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