Would worn out keys be replaced under warranty?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by peckerhead, Sep 28, 2015.

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    My wife has a 2014 Macbook Air which is still under warranty (has about a month left). The machine is in near constant use and she spends a large part of her time on it typing, and as a result a few of the keys have started to wear out as can be seen in the attached pic.

    Is this something that Apple would replace under warranty, or would they put this down to misuse? It hasn't been misused as such, but i would reckon she types way more than than the average user.

    2015-09-28 18.32.17.jpg
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    Unless there is evidence that your wife types with a ball-peen hammer, I'd say that keys that worn under normal use should fall under warranty.

    I'd recommend making a genius appointment and bringing it in. I've seen 5-year old notebooks without that kind of key wear. There's no reason yours should have after less than a year.
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    My experience is that genius bar folks will usually replace worn out keys for free... I've even had them replace a few outside of warranty. They harvest good keys from other broken laptops that they have lying around in the back. If they have a donor machine with the key you need, they'll usually give it to you.

    In warranty, they should definitely do it, but they might have to order the key.
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    Apr 26, 2009
    Thanks guys, we'll take it in to get looked at. There's at least 5 keys needing replaced so possibly they will need ordered.

    Once it's fixed, I'll maybe look into getting her one of those silicone keyboard protectors that sits over the top.

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