Would you be able to handle a life like Britney Spears'?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iMJustAGuy, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Posting in another thread just got me thinking. This is so sad. How can a human being function having to deal with this and this EVERY day, whether you were going to the mall, or even the dang gas station.

    I don't know why I was thinking about this... it's just crazy.
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    Dec 10, 2008
    What can she do? Once you become famous, that is what your life will be. People will remember your face forever if you're as famous as Britney. In the end, it's their own choice. One could have become the cashier at McDonald's if they wanted but some people choose the fame instead.

    I'm pretty sure most celebrities often wish they were just average Joes so they could have a peaceful life. All things have pros and cons.
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    I somewhat disagree. Nobody wants/knows they are going to have a life like THAT. In fact, I think she is the only celebrity who's "outing life" is that hectic. You know it comes with the package, but this is ridiculous. Pictures are one thing, but there are videos where they are not even letting her drive her car away piling in front of it, and others where they have the camera in front of her face and she can't even step forward. It's bad and it truly is no wonder that she fell off the deep end.
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    At that point your restricting the person's mobility and it can essentially be racked up to illegal confinement. Personally I'd gun the car or punch the camera man who's stoping me from excercising my right to travel as I see fit. If a lawsuit ensues I'm rich and famous, I'd spend some money on a small army of lawyers to try and set a precedent for myself and all other celebrities.
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    The cameras are just brutal, especially here in LA. Last year during summer, I was having lunch with some friends at The Grove, when out of the blue, British singer Cheryl Cole walks by. I'm pretty sure a lot of people here do not know who she is, nor care BUT yes, you guess it.. the paparazzi were swarming and gathering within seconds. She seemed to love every minute of it though!
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    I just love it when the paparazzi swarms someone like that, or even gets physical trying to get a reaction, and when they get punched or shoved aside they cry foul and it makes headlines. And the headlines say something like "WHOEVER PUNCHES CAMERAMAN. WAS PICKED UP FOR MARIJUANA POSSESSION 23 YEARS AGO." They dig up some obscure, stupid stupid detail from their past and make out like the person in question is the lowest of the low, because, naturally, if you smoke pot once it just stands to reason that logically, 20 years later, you're such a scumbag you'll turn to violence to deal with the revolting media.. :rolleyes:

    That aside, could I deal with that life? I'd find a way. Do I want to? Hell no. I don't need fame to live or be happy, and I already earn enough money to have what I need and a fair amount of what I want. Enya, for gosh sakes, lives in a gated castle with a safe room and has had several break-ins. That's not living. That's being held prisoner by fame.
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    There are ways to sing professionally and not be famous: Don't release pop albums by signing with a massive record label.

    There are ways to be a professional actor of leading roles without becoming a household name and face. You can work as a stage actor.

    Every one of these people made a choice. You can't be in worldwide blockbuster films, earn tens of millions of dollars, choose to live in a fame-hungry city like LA, and then complain about the lack of privacy. They can choose to live in a smaller city, choose smaller film roles, etc.

    I don't think this is any way to treat another person, but this treatment is reality for the super-famous, and they knew what fame would bring. I feel sorry for them, but I feel that I shouldn't need to. I only feel sorry for them because I wouldn't be able to live like that.
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    Most of the time, the paparazzi are tipped off by reps of the star. Cry me a river. :rolleyes:
  9. iMJustAGuy, Feb 3, 2011
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    Then there'd be another "Britney goes crazy" media frenzy. Remember when she did attack that one dudes car with the umbrella? Then she's "mentally ill" and "psycho". It really is sad. But +1, I'd be the same way.

    You honestly think this woman and her team want this? But answer the question, could you handle your life, 24/7 like this? Your every move being watched and every mistake being made public?

    How many times have we bumped our kids head putting them in the car, if she gets "caught" doing this, she's an "unfit parent" and her kids "deserve to be taken away".

    If it seems like I'm being biased and siding with her, well, I am. After posting this last night I just kept clicking youtube link after link and the more videos I watched the more sympathetic I feel. And "don't sign with a major record label"? Serious? Like I said before I think she really is the only celebrity that has it so bad at times she can't even open the door to her car when she's alone with no security. Nobody wants/asked for a life like that.
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    Mar 4, 2006
    Probably because she was paying the paps to do just that to draw attention to herself. Tweedy is absolutely desperate for publicity and cannot handle being off the front pages for more than a fortnight. The very obvious non-stories that get "leaked" to the tabloids by her publicists indicate that.
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    Aug 24, 2009
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    Britney HAD to become famous to make the millions she does in entertainment--she asked for this. Paparazzi snapping photos of you all the time is basically a job requirement. If they stopped, it would be cause for her to worry.

    As long as I was wealthy enough to go on fabulous trips, own gorgeous homes and have people to do my errands for me I think I could handle it. If I really missed not being trailed by photographers I'd do what most celebrities do--go out in disguise. Madonna rides the NYC subway from time to time largely unnoticed - so this is entirely possible.

    I *really* feel sorry for people who for various reasons become famous but don't make tons of money off their fame. That would be far, far worse than what Britney goes through. Imagine trying to get to work, go grocery shopping etc.

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