Would you bring it in to have it looked at?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by puma1552, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Have a late 08 2.8 uMBP. I had the logic board replaced a few months back for a 9600 failure.

    As of late I've noticed problems when mated to the 24" ACD--the display port connection gets really touchy at times; like the slightest touch of the display port wire when using the other usb port to plug or unplug something will cause both screens to go black/blue for a second and when they come back all my windows are moved back to my MBP display instead of the ACD, and then the sizing goes out of wack too since the displays are different sizes. Sometimes the ACD doesn't come back and stays black until I touch/wiggle the mini display port wire, then it comes back.

    Basically the mini DP connection is touchy...very touchy. Some days it's fine, other days it's borderline infuriating.

    A close look at the ports shows that it appears the new logic board is like 1/3 of a millimeter off center inside the computer to the right. The mini DP is also harder to connect/disconnect-a bit resistant to the point its rubbing on the aluminum inside the port and starting to blacken/wear off the anodization.

    This problem sounds worse than it is, it's really just touchy due to such a tiny manufacturing tolerance in the new board.

    It's such a minor problem though and it becomes a question of the lottery of getting the machine back with a new problem or scratches etc. Machine runs and is flawless in every other way and I hated having them crack her open once for brain surgery already...but if I do it and it's not fixed then it'll be board #3 and possibly a replacement (though I'm not looking for that nor wanting it until both usb 3.0 and IPS screens).

    Would you bring it in? One other minor detail--I live abroad and will be going home for a visit in three weeks so it would be great to have a chance to talk to a native English speaker and with the convenience of multiple Apple stores close by (nearest now is 5 hours away).
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    I would certainly take it in when you're near an Apple store. If it continues at all, you could end up with a completely unusable mini DP.
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    That's a good point, I hadn't thought of that. I think maybe it wouldn't be bad to take it in and have them at least take a look and see what they say, or at least document it.

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