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Oct 21, 2009
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I have an opportunity to purchase my old work laptop for around $500 (they're sending me a more modern replacement as soon as the M2 pros are released). It's a 16" 2019 i9 MBP with 16GB / 1TB. I've been the only user so far, and the only notable problem I've had with it is sometimes having to unplug/replug a USB hub a handful of times before the webcam on it is recognized.

It's not the computer I would buy if I were in the market now, for a number of reasons (Intel, memory, touch bar, weight). But it does seem like a pretty good price (it looks like they're currently going for around $1200-1400).

I do like that it's got more ports than my current MBA (2019 / 16GB) and struggles less driving a 4K monitor. But it's way too heavy for a small person like me to use as anything besides a desktop replacement. I travel mostly on foot/transit and wouldn't want to have it on my shoulders for extended periods with any frequency. At home I carry my personal laptop from one room to another a couple times a day. It's really nice to be able to lift the MBA in one hand even when open and carry a drink or book or whatever in the other. No way that's possible with the 16" MBP.

Fwiw, my next planned purchase was going to be a 14" 32GB/1TB M3 MBP whenever those come out (presumably 12-24 months from now), with the intention to use the new one for at least 5 years and repurpose the MBA for a side project. I also have a couple other older Macs hanging around that get very infrequent light use (the 11" MBA is so incredibly portable!) on the order of once a year. So I don't particularly need another computer.

Should I get this and sell it? Get it and use it as primary and the MBA for the side project? Something else?


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Feb 20, 2009
$500 is a pretty good price.

BUT... if you DO buy it...
MAKE SURE that your company REMOVES any proprietary software or "MDM" from it before you accept it as "yours".

Otherwise... when it comes time to sell it... the new owner will be hounded by the company-installed software.
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