Would you leave Verizon for LTE until a LTE iPhone arrives?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ICYBLUE1203, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Jun 14, 2010
    I am in the Los Angeles area and considering switching carriers. Grass is greener on the other side syndrome? I feel like the issues I've had since moving to the iPhone 4S (with late or multiple texts & signal) are annoying me enough to try AT&T out. Ironically, AT&Ts signal and Verizon's LTE works great inside my home but Verizon's 3G signal is subpar. I can buy Verizon's femtocell tower, but then again, why should I pay for it? I love Verizon but wish their data speeds were as fast as AT&Ts.

    Would you switch to AT&T temporarily? Once I move, I lose my Verizon unlimited but who knows if they will allow unlimited when the LTE iPhone is released.

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    Sep 8, 2011
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    Assuming iPhone LTE does come out in a year...

    Lots of variables. Will Verizon allow grandfathered unlimited data on LTE? I think they do currently, if you switch to an LTE phone. If so, that's a definite risk that you may give up that ability if they're still offering it next year.

    Will Verizon LTE still be substantially better than AT&T's high-speed offering in a year? You may find that if you switch to AT&T, when the next phone comes out there might not be a significant speed advantage going back to Verizon.

    Definitely now you'll see a substantial improvement if you switch to AT&T.

    So you can have a definite improvement now with the possibility of drawbacks later, versus a possible benefit later with a definite worse experience now.

    I've always been a "Bird in the hand" person so I'd switch to AT&T.
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    I guess your decision is between more data or faster data. For me, I keep the unlimited data (I have thought about doing the same thing), but I also have an iPhone 4 and don't feel the 4S is worth upgrading to. I have heard great things about Verizon's LTE network, however.
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    1. I love Verizon. However, the service could be better in my home. It works, call quality works, MMS are slow but actually go out... maybe I am being too picky?

    2. My biggest gripe would be sticking with Verizon an extra year thinking unlimited data will be grandfathered and won't be.

    3. LTE with Verizon is awesome! Take a look at the speeds I was clocking with my temporary Droid Bionic after I sold my iPhone 4 before the Apple announcement. I can't see myself with a Android because of their ugly OS and non-iPhone camera.

    I do prefer Verizon over AT&T, my question is, can I see real life speed results in AT&T vs Verizon? The only time it will matter is outside my home when not on Wi-Fi when I am driving.

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