Would you recommend 15" Core Duo MBP 2.0ghz/512/80?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by macjay, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. macjay macrumors 6502

    Oct 3, 2003

    Does anyone know if the final builds of this model (the lower end 15" just before the Core 2 Duos came out) had all the kinks ironed out as far as whine, heat, and other issues? I know Apple kept on revising the builds.

  2. iBookG4user macrumors 604


    Jun 27, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    I bought a 2GHz CD MBP 2 weeks before the were updated and the whine is still present on it. Although the heat is not so bad, though I usually use SMCfancontrol and set the fans to 4000 RPM to keep it pretty cool. The whine goes away as soon as you start photobooth, so just hide photobooth after you start it and the whine is gone.
  3. MRU Suspended


    Aug 23, 2005
    I bought a refurbished 15.4" MBP 2ghz Core Duo / 80gb / Superdrive (was listed also with 512mb ram - came with 1gb) only about a fortnight ago.

    Not heard any whine or had any problems with it.

    It also keeps remarkably cool compared to our white and black macbooks.
  4. macjay thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 3, 2003
    Does your MBP run silent after that?

  5. Multimedia macrumors 603


    Jul 27, 2001
    Santa Cruz CA, Silicon Beach
    Definitely NOT. The Vent System Is Fundamentlaly Defective. Redesigned In C2D MBP.

    Have you examined the vent system of that model? Then did you look at the vent system of the Core 2 Duo MBP? they are RADICALLY DIFFERENT. Whatever little money you might save will be lost to heat, noise and trouble due to that poor vent system in all the CD MBPs.

    On Left are the 73 tiny vertical slots of the CD MBP. On the right are the large wide slots that keep the C2D MPB cool simply by convection. Under the CD MBP picture is a close-up of the C2D's superior vent system.

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  6. bmcgrath macrumors 65816


    Oct 5, 2006
    London, United Kingdom
    Well I got mine 2 weeks before the C2D came out. I have no issues at all! No whine, no screen issues, so random shutdowns. Yeah it gets a bit hot but I dont know what is to be expected of a dual core notebook. Its a super machine anyway :D
  7. iBookG4user macrumors 604


    Jun 27, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    After I start photobooth, the wine is gone completely and it is silent.
  8. djpl macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2007
    I bought a CD 2.16 MBP last June and it has a high-pitched sound that seems to come from below the keyboard sometimes, depending on what I'm doing. It also runs quite hot. But other than that it's been a great machine. Have to try that Photobooth trick to see if it works :)
  9. neyoung macrumors member

    Jan 15, 2007
    Most people were able to drastically reduce the heat problems with fan control software. there are 2-3 different options available. I've heard good things about this one...


    As far as whine goes I think its just luck in getting a machine that is silent.
  10. zign macrumors 6502


    Apr 9, 2006
  11. Airship macrumors newbie

    Feb 27, 2007
    If you're buying through the refurb store then I can certainly reccomend it. There are massive savings on the core duos and a marginal performance hit compared to the C2Ds (I'm seeing reductions of about 40% for all the core duos) and that is a fantastic price for the performance. I must reccomend you get a gig of RAM though, especially if you plan on running any rosetta apps.
  12. macjay thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 3, 2003
    Hi Mulimedia,

    Although the C2D MBP has a superior venting system, it still has the poor quality LCD issue, unless you're lucky enough to get the "right" LCD. So I'd be paying up to solve the heat & whine issues, however there's a good chance on receiving an unevenly lit screen. So it seems that by choosing between MBP versions, one is choosing the "least worst." Wouldn't it be best to just buy the cheapest model (the CD) and stick it out until ALL the quality issues are resolved?

    (BTW, not sure if the Core Duo MBP's had the uneven backlighting as well.)
  13. macjay thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 3, 2003
    Hi iBookG4user,

    Silent including the fans at 4000RPM?

    Not sure which iBook G4 you use(d), but I briefly owned a 12" 1.33ghz, and it was incredibly quiet -- inaudible even in a quiet room. After the photobooth trick and with the fan RPM set higher, is your machine as quiet as that?

  14. zephead macrumors 68000


    Apr 27, 2006
    in your pants
    I got the whine with my MacBook, and hiding Photo Booth was annoying and it was a memory hog with it running all the time, so I heard about ShhMBP and installed it. Works like a charm for me. The only time it whines now is when it's starting up, before ShhMBP loads.
  15. Temujin macrumors 6502a


    Oct 1, 2005
    MBP CD 1.83 - march 2006

    Had the whine issue, got the new logic board which silenced the whine almost completely, and lowered the overall temperature drastically.
    So dont worry about whine and heat, you can always get it fixed if :apple: havent by now.

    PT I have some problems with random shutdowns. Started 3 weeks ago.
    For no apparent reason the thing just shuts down, with no warning what so ever. Seems random, some days 2-3 times and others not at all.
    Supposedly a poorly isolated wire close to the heatsink is to blame.

    I havent called :apple: yet, but I'm told they don't recognise the random shutdown problem on the MBP's.
    If this is the case I would refrain from buying the CD MBP.
  16. JDN macrumors 6502a

    Sep 7, 2006
    Lund Sweden {London England}
    I bought this EXACT model June 2006. I has been nothing but reliable. I could write all sorts, but ill keep it short this time:

    Yes i highly recommend it. Buy it. Now.
  17. MaaseyRacer macrumors regular

    Oct 30, 2005
    San Francisco, Ca.
    Buy a C2D, i had the 2.16GHz CD, and it was fast, but it heated up like no other. In total I owned 1 CD MacBook, and 3 CD MacBook Pros, the 2.16 CD was the first to work right, but ran really hot. The C2D 2.33GHz that I have now runs like a champ.

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