WOW! anyone seen this on OS X 10.1.2?


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
panic or core dump

its a panic or a core dump... its a UNIX thing. It just mean it crashed. If it happens all the time... you may need to reload your system. If it happens whill your running only certan apps... You many want to reload those...

Anything beta running when it happened?? Could have been serveral things that caused it. I would have to see the screen dump to narrow it down more.

I get that a lot running Solaris...


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Jul 27, 2001
10 Minutes from Disneyland
Rev A iMac 233, 96 MB RAM! was on 64 when i installed it....
and i have it running on a 4400! anyone want to try and beat that?
then agian, the only computer i USE for something other than storgae space is my Ti 400 ;)


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Sep 12, 2001
dv 400 os x

It works fine on my dv 400 with 576 mb ram

i upgraded from 64 with a 512 module from other world computing for 55 bucks. it was cheap.

it runs pretty well.

HOW THE HECK DOES IT RUN ON A 4400? it doens't have a g3, unless you upgraded it.


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May 5, 2001

Originally posted by blindman858
that is AIM localhost server lol.
ha ha that's funny. Blindman seems to need a pair of glasses so he can read his netstat -n information a little clearer.


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Jul 27, 2001
10 Minutes from Disneyland
i had a 40 GB HD in my iMac, wellm, the iMac decided it didn't want to run anymore (found out the modem was shorting the board...fixed now) so i put the 40 GB HD in my 4400 w/NIC so i could get my files and still play starcraft and Total Annihilation if all else faild...well, the computer got confused the first time i tried booting...gave me the flashing ?. so, i hit the power button, made sure the HD was in correctly, and it was, then started it again, and it went into OS X. told apple about it, and the guy asked me first "are you sure it's a 4400? i've never seen an actual working one of those." so, ya, i'm confused more than anyone, but it does run, and it's faster than an AirPort upload to my 867 Tower, and it can burn CD's or i can transfer stuff to the tower from the 4400 and use a DVD-R...but ya, that was a little rambled, but tit does work...


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Nov 28, 2001
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ok so i think most of us are familiar with what a kernal panic looks like but you have to admit the first time you see it, you probably reacted a bit like Abercrombieboy. i mean it is kinda neat. but im wondering how many of you saw os9 do its own version of a kernal panic. im not sure what its called (since there is no kernal like there is in osx) but you know when os9 freezes up and you get firmware code across the screen sometimes over your desktop and sometimes with just a back backdrop. now thats truly something to see. anyone else been blessed by this sort of freeze?


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Feb 10, 2002
wow! anyone seen this on OS X 10.1.2

I run os x on my original tangerine iBook with 384mb ram. Not one kernal panic here, though it has been sticky a few times shutting down with OS9 running in the background. Some times I have to force quit 9 to get it to shut down. It is interesting how I can be on the net browsing, listening to i Tunes and printing something all at once without missing a beat. Maybe my expectations are low, but I am impressed.

T'hain Esh Kelch

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Aug 5, 2001
Re: how to crash OSX

Originally posted by groov'
You want to crash OSX?


1. fire up apache (share/webserver in system-extensions)
2. fire up Explorer X and connect to webserver at localhost: (now you are greeted by apache that the webserver works fine and is waiting for serving your sites)
3. fire up classic
4. fire up a classic browser and connect to the same

there you are....(no more)
I hope your right... I couldnt resist, so Classic is starting up as I write this...

Get ready to BOMB..! :D

[Edit:] Aw man... It didnt work... :( -It just stod there searching for the page (It works in OSX), and then I tried to write instead (Just to see if the browser worked at all), and it loaded the page just fine. But when I clicked in the top of the browser to write again, classic went down...
Okay.. Some sort of a crash, but not a Kernel Panic... Now im sad... :( :(


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Oct 23, 2001
BSOD! lol..

Ya, I've seen the kernal panic crash.. Apple has been hard at work eliminating bugs in the unix foundation. They have proposed many changes to the open source BSD tree project which will enhance the userfullness and responsiveness of the unix underpinnings and are soon to move the Mac OS X flavor up to parity with BSD version 4. So far they've done a really good job I feel. The majority share of bugs which would cause a kernal panic were eliminated with the 10.1 release (a major improvement). Since installing 10.1.2 I've only experienced one kernal panic, and it was running a beta version of the new Aqua-interfaced Mozilla browser under heavy system load. Chances are currently if you don't play with betas, you won't get bit!


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Jan 1, 2002
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
i've had the kernal panic twice since august (when i got my machine): once playing SimCity 3000 in Classic (game sucks) and once more during which i can't remeber what i was doing.

according to apple, OS X runs on any g3 except the original g3 powerbook and an upgraded computer. but, i have heard of people running it on a PPC upgraded with a card.


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When I first got my Quicksilver 733 back in late July, OS X still had quite a way to go, so I always used 9. To clean up clutter I nested all of the OS X related files into one folder. Finally the day arrived when 10.1.2 was release, and I was ready to switch. I decided to load 10 one last time so I could appreciate the speed increase, and as it loaded suddenly, I guess that even though Startup Disk located 10, 10 couldn't find all it's parts, so the Unix guts spilled all over the happy mac startup screen ending with the line

we're hanging in here :(

I thought it was really cute, but other then that 10 has given me no problems except the Toast Titanium for 9 can't find the CD-RW drive through Classic, and occasionally internet dail-up gets screwy. The first problem made me go buy Titanium X and the latter goes away on restart.


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Sep 12, 2001
4400? Wow!

i guess that the 4400 thing....

maybe the x installer checks to see if you have g3 or else it doesn't let you... if you install it on a hard disk in a comp with a g3 then move the hd to a computer without one, maybe you can get x on an OLD mac!!

probably not anything below powerpc though... ha ha

could you imagin running x on a powerbook duo 33mhz 040.


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Sep 12, 2001
Originally posted by T'hain Esh Kelch
Actually... I think it's worth a shot.. :)
Ur kidding, right? Otherwise i might try it... :cool:

How would i do that? Are external scsi's bootable... :rolleyes:

I could install x on an external scsi :eek:

except i couldn't because it requires more than a gig :(

and my only comp that has scsi is the duo :eek:

i guess i could do it over a network, but then i'd have to set up my dock...;)

wait it wouldnt work anyway :mad:

dang. he eh