Wow, AppleCare was unusually stupid today.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by wesk702, Jun 26, 2010.

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    So I had an encounter with the signal loss bug after going to my work(other side of town). I was able to reproduce this bug and reported it to apple care. the rep Josh told me about how they were receiving g many calls regarding this and stated that the temporary fix would be to buy one of apple's bumpers which are "specially coated with fibers that prevent attenuation!"

    Now I bought to myself," is this guy serious?". Unfortunately he was. I told him that if this truly was the case I should be given the cases, if it works to correct a default of the product. He then had me wait for the supervisor Tim to authorize any free items.
    Tim the supervisor tells me that he can't authorize any cases because it isn't known to permanently fix the problem, but suggests that I do three things.
    1 - only use the speakerphone when I talk and set it down to avoid holding it.
    2 - use headphones and avoid holding it
    3 - buy a case to prevent u from comin in direct contact!!!!!!!!! Are u ****ing serious!

    Then asked him why am I being told by both reps that the case will help alleviate the problem when i am potentially going to buy the product but when I'm requesting it for free, I'm told it might not be a fix. I also asked tim if the bumper was made of some plastic or rubber, he said yes. I then said I thought you guys told me originally to buy the product because it had special fibers that prevent attenuation as Josh had said. Tim then said he can't confirm or deny any of my questions any longer. Then I asked how will the case help me again? Tim again said, he can't confirm or deny. This is the new AppleCare people. I wasn't even pissed at the start but these two idiots seem to just want to get me upset.
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    lets facetime it: apple:fail

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