wow, in some cases iOS 6 > iOS 7

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by thedeejay, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Ok so I have to be frank, Apple has done a great job with revamping iOS 7, don't get me wrong. But in somethings it's completely missed the mark. They missed some minor details in things (unless it's my iPhone only).

    1) The indicator that shows if music is playing in status bar is gone? It doesn't show the little play button indicating music is playing.

    2) Maps still doesn't have alternate routes? C'mon now. I don't take Toll Routes and over and over again the only thing that Apple Maps suggests is Toll routes, jesus.

    3) NC Calendar and Calendar in general (the main reason to revert back to iOS 6). It shows "You have 4 things on your calendar and the first thing is at 9AM" with a calendar like layout with your timings layed out. This sucks. Just sucks. It doesn't show you if you have multiple over lapping appointments. I mean even I know I have 4 appointments back to back some simultaneously and what not - can you not show me WHAT I have? Plus the dots in the itself means I have to click onto the individual day in order to see a preview of my day. Which blows. Especially because I rely so much on iCloud syncing and what not, I can't have this like this.

    Things I appreciate:

    1) Siri is Snappier, must smoother and faster

    2) Love activation lock (goddamn you crooks)

    3) Traffic in NC (altough I never was able to repoduce it).

    4) Camera modes + filters (for iP5)

    5) Battery life personally was amazing. On 6.1.3, with heavy usage I'd get to 3pm-4pm just would have to charge on way back home from work (music, video, texting, calling...the whole package).

    Only thing is... I was never able to get the unlocking speeds on the homescreen that was shown. There's a little stutter, def not as smooth as the website for sure. How is it on the 5S for you new 5S owners?

    Damn you Apple! It's a love hate relationship.

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