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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by AmbitiousLemon, Nov 14, 2007.

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    I saw some interesting discussion in this thread about WoW interface mods and thought it might be time to start a new dedicated thread for the topic.

    I've only been playing about a month and haven't gotten too into mods (I have cosmos installed). Using a 12" powerbook (resolution is 1024x768) I'd really appreciate advice on how to mod the UI to better suit me.

    If it matters I am a lvl 39 rogue gnome, engineering/mining professions. Use fishing for money since engineering seems to suck all my money away (lvl 265). Doing a sword dps build on my talents that websites indicate should be the highest dps build available.
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    Jul 15, 2003
    X-Perl is probably the most used GUI addon. However, there are as many UI addons as servers so it's just a matter of finding what you want and configuring it to the way you want it. has a lot of addons that have previews you can look through.

    And if you want money in the game professions aren't the way to go. I've made most of my gold through doing quest and vendoring all the garbage that drops. As for your build, combat swords are the easiest way to a character to 70. To save gold stay away from the AH. There is always something better than what you currently have. But, you'll be throwing away what you buy in 5 levels anyway. I spend a lot of the time between 1-60 poor because I just kept buying things I really didn't need.

    You also have to consider your computer's power when choosing add-ons. A lack of processing power and memory will lead to sluggish FPS which already plague the OS X version of WoW.

    /Ravalever, 70 rogue, kargath, horde
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    Thanks for the info. I didn't intend for us all to focus on me thought. Just wanted to invite people to show their WoW UI mods and initiate discussion about which ones they use any why.
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    Omen - as a shadow priest and healing priest I have to constantly make sure I'm not stealing aggro from the tank

    Big Wigs - must have for knowing what the bosses are going to do next and how long until it happens

    Atlas Loot - so I can look up almost any loot in the game and where it drops/sells from and in some cases what rep I need with that faction to get it

    Alpha Map - for viewing some instance maps

    Decursive - to help remove them

    Grid - to help with healing

    Guild Event Manager - my guild sets up raids and heroics with this so people can sign up

    Outfitter - I respec/switch b/t shadow and healing often so this enables me to completely switch out my gear with one click

    Plus many smaller ones that help with map notes, etc.

    WoW Character link is 2nd one in my sig :D
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    I've steered clear of most UI mods up until now, both from unfamiliarity with what's out there and a vague sense that it's tantamount to cheating. I am totally in love with Auctioneer however, which makes a formerly miserable task much more efficient and interesting. I've easily doubled my rate of successful auctions with this tool, and it gains effectiveness the more it's used. Absolutely in-de-friggin-spensible, in my opinion.
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    Jun 28, 2007
    Best thing to do is write down what different information you'd like to have displayed while you play. From that list go to Curse Gaming, WoWAce, & WoWInterface. I primarily use mods from WoWAce that use the Ace2 format.

    Xperl - Unit Frames: Character, party, raid frames
    Fubar - It has multiple minimods that can be used with it
    Trinity Bars - configurable action buttons
    Prat - Chat window mod
    Simple Minimap
    Deadly Boss Mods
    Parrot - Scrolling combat text. I prefer this over SCT at the moment and it is made by the same developer that did fubar, cartographer
    Various other class related mods, but the above are the main ones I use.

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