1. gandalf55 macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2001
    Handspring announced the "Treo" to compete with the Blackberry. I almost thought this would be my purchase to replace my cell phone & Visor Platinum.

    If Apple releases anything like this, I know where my money is going. Thank God they may release soon as I was about to drop $400 on the Treo.

    Apple, oh Apple, shake the world tomorrow!!

    Macosrumors reports:

    According to reliable Infinite Loop sources, Apple's groundbreaking new Digital Hub device will employ at least two of Apple's most secret technology projects that we have speculated on for some time. Notably, Apple's purchase last year of Raycer Graphics, a company that creates GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) for embedded and handheld applications is apparently key to this and several other of Apple's forthcoming Digital Hub devices. Low-cost, low-power graphics for this device will reportedly be provided by a GPU unit that may be embedded within a larger System-On-A-Chip architecture that will be at the core of the device we're expecting on Tuesday as well as future Digital Hub products from Apple.

    Additionally, Apple has been working on handwriting recognition/pen-input technology called InkWell and a new, high-performance version of Firewire (IEEE 1394b) that will be called Gigawire. Neither of these latter technologies is confirmed to be employed in the device we'll be seeing on Tuesday, but both are key to the Digital Hub strategy and will be heard much more about in the not-so-distant future.

    Damn, I am so excited about this. If it's even 1/2 of what we think... Apple is about to get a big infuse of $$$. And I'll be among the first to run to the Apple Store and slap down the plastic!

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