WPA Personal & A Non Airport G5

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by redAPPLE, Dec 21, 2004.

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    hi guys.

    think about this. the setup:

    _G5connected to a switch

    _Airport Extreme connected to a cable modem

    so here's the problem: i tried to convert from 128 bit WEP to the new (more secure?) WPA Personal, but i get the message:

    "Joining a WPA-protected network and making changes to a WPA-protected base station requires a WPA capable computer. This computer is not WPA capable. If you continue you will not be able to join the WPA-protected network or make changes to the WPA-protected base station."

    i do not have the time to reconfigure everything especially this time before christmas :). so has anyone tried this?

    thanks and merry christmas to everybody.
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    I've got a similar setup to this - iMac into APE basestation. I used to change between WEP and WPA all the time (gf's windows XP laptop had issues with WPA...seems to be much better with SP2 by the way...).

    I used to see this message often when administrating the basestation from the iMac. You can ignore it, as long as you remember the password you set - that is, you can always administrate the APE basestation via the ethernet connection.

    All you'll have to do after changing to WPA is reboot the basestation and re-log your laptops into the network with the new password.

    Good luck!

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