Wrapsol for iPad 2 [Apalling Customer Service]

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by GavinTan, Sep 5, 2011.

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    Hi All

    I want to share my experience purchasing this product to protect my iPad 2 3G. Having used Invisible Shield for a long time I then found an alternative called Wrapsol, sold in JB HiFI stores. I bought the protection only for the back costing $29.90. The packaging indicated it is for an iPad 2 and depicts on the packaging a photo of the iPad 2 3G. It also states that it is a custom cut and repositionable for the perfect fit!

    The quality of the product is exceptional, BUT to my dismay there was no cutout for the SIM card slot. So basically an installation of the product will render your SIM slot inaccessible and if you were to peel it off and reapply, the protective film will not be the same again.

    So I contacted Wrapsol Australia, I noted the problem and asked if this could be a mistake, maybe there is a newer batch with the SIM card slot cutout. I received a reply, I found it very insulting and careless.

    Good morning, XXXXX,
    Thank you for your email. In relation to your comments regarding the The sim card area, Wrapsol USA the manufacturer for the Ipad 2 have never made a cut area around the sim card.
    You stated that it is miss leading I would disagree. Both the USA and the Australian web site displays the shape and patterns of the film and if you care to have look at www.wrapsol.com.au and www.wrapsol.com , you will see there are no cut outs around the sim card area.
    We sell thousands of the kits globally and I would say you are the first person in Australia that have made a complaint about this.

    The technical aspect of why this is done this way, is to protect moisture from entering in the slot area over the life of the device.
    If ever you need to insert a sim card the film can be easily peeled back around the sim card area, and then reapplied, using the solution provided.

    We are have happy to offer you a replacement cover.
    In order to qualify for replacement claim, please provide us with a copy of your JB HIFI receipt and a postal address so we may organise your replacement as soon as possible...

    Kind regards
    Wrapsol Australia
    Managing Director

    My Response Below

    Hi XXX

    I may be the first person to complain but that is my right, I am unsure why you have even needed to make this statement. I bought the product from JB HiFi "not the website" which does not clearly at all show a layout of the cutting. My question was rather polite, I pointed out that the "product packaging" indicates it is made specifically for an iPad 2, and depicts an iPad 2 3G but upon installation there is no cut-out for the SIM slot. If you have read carefully then you would have realised this was not purchased from any of Wrapsol's website. Your explanation of moisture entering the slot area and that it requires protection? Then in this case, I would presume that you would also need to cover the other functional holes in the product like, i.e. the Microphone, Dock Connector, Headphone Jack, etc. Are these not covered because moisture will not damage the device?

    Yes I would like a replacement to be sent to [ADDRESS] as I will need to change the SIM card soon. My proof of purchase is attached.


    I just thought that companies like this should be shamed for customer service as I find it rude to belittle me just because I made a complaint and furthermore they should have read my email clearly before responding.
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    I think you are being a bit defensive. I read the email and did not feel it belittled you. Take them up on their offer and when you get the new one use an exacto to cut a notch for your sim.
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    i would agree take the replacement, and be thankful that they gave you a new one
  4. mbotwin macrumors newbie

    Aug 22, 2011
  5. techdude6693 macrumors 6502

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    The packaging said its for iPad 2 right? Not everyone has a 3G version, and in the US there's also a CDMA version which doesn't have a SIM Slot. If you happen to have one of these models, then you don't really want a random hole where you don't have anything. As posted above, just cut out a sim card hole yourself.
  6. 3goldens macrumors 68000


    Feb 26, 2008
    Have always received tip top service from Wrapsol, and expect to continue to in the future.

    I think the email explained things very nicely and the OP is trying to give this very reputable company an unjustified bad name by whining about such a ridiculas thing!

    Quite frankly, I never noticed nor do I care if the sim is covered. If I have to get to it and can not replace the wrapsol, I know they will replace it.

    end of story.

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