Writing an Article on Mac, need some sources.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by $MacUser$, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Mar 27, 2005
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    Hey there guys,

    I am writing an article on the mac OS and hardware. if you have any credible sources (online or otherwise) that point to mac strengths please let me know, as I would like to cite them. Hardware wise, I am looking for performance benchmarks on the top of the range apple Powerbook.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated and will further a spread of positive knowledge regarding Apple and its products.
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    Mar 27, 2005
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    Here are some of the specific issues I would like a source to back up...topics with "**" indicate they are more important to me than one with "-"

    ** Performance benchmarks...I would like to show this machine is at least capible of running Doom3, but I would also like general benchmarks of the 1.67 G4, 128mb Radeon in any taxing task

    ** A credible techie source that demonstrates the Apple OS is worth merit (ie: not joe blow saying OSX is the cats PJs, but someone with some type of crediblity)

    ** A source that shows how deleting programs on the mac is a more efficient and clean affair than on a windows box

    ** A source that shows seamless (or at least tolerable) transition of office files from mac to PC

    - The fact that the Powerbook is the best, or among the best, looking laptop on the market

    - An explaination of the tech behind SMS (although the Apple web page explains this, I want to avoid using the company web page for obvious reasons)

    I realize I can find a number of sources on my own but I am sure you guys could provide me to sites that I have not yet found, or ones that are more credible than what I am working with. I very much appreciate your time and keep in mind the goal of this article is to generate switchers...

    Again, thats very much for your time and effort.
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    Jul 1, 2004
    visit www.barefeats.com

    www.xvsxp.com provides a fairly objective comparison between OS X and XP. It provides a standard set of features and tries to compare them and give them scores (1-10). In my opinion, it does a pretty good job of it

    I got nothing for this one. But you can just use Apple's website or something that shows that most installations and uninstallations are simply drag and drop.

    From the Microsoft.com/mac website: link I know that it doesnt show how to actually copy the files, but you can note that OS X supports all sorts of removable media (USB, CD/DVD), works with windows networks and has email capabilities. Further info is on the Apple Web site (www.apple.com/switch).

    Just visit www.dell.com. ;)

    Sorry, I got nothing for this.

    $MacUser$, I hope this helps.

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