Wrong Battery Indicator after upgrading to 10.1

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by vonglower, Oct 30, 2016.

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    Nov 12, 2013
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    Recently, after updating from iOS 9 to 10.1 I face the following issue: the phone when I open it up, it will be at 20-30% (or a different %), and then a second later it’s shutting down and giving me the “plug in” screen.
    Let me tell you that I have "Reset All Contents and Settings" and when came back, I setup as "A New iPhone", instead of restoring any backup. However, the problem with the inaccurate battery indicator persists. Hard reset also performed; not fix, though.

    1. Battery Indicator at least 20% (e.g. 34%)
    2. Turn off the phone.
    3. Turn on the phone.
    4. Home screen appears.
    5. Second later the phone shuts down.
    6. Plug-in screen appears.
    7. Plug-in charger
    8. The phone is being charged from the previous indication (from 34%)

    P.S. I don't feel that there is a difference in the battery life (seems normal, as before). However, I have no clear picture what is the current battery status.

    P.P.S. This phenomenon ALSO happened when I bought my iPhone and setup iOS 9 using backup from precious phone (iPhone 4s). However, when I did a Reset to All Contents and Settings, and setup As A New Device, everything came back to normal.
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    Contact Apple Support via phone (not chat, they'll refer you to the phones), be prepared to start recording exactly when it shuts off, at what battery life, and to create and upload logs for them.

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