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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by No1nfoProvided, Aug 12, 2010.

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    I tried posting this in the MBP forums and got nothing, so I thought I'd try here. Here's the old link, but I just copied the stuff I put in the thread over here:

    I currently have a MBP1,1 running 10.6.4 on an external monitor with the ideal resolution at 1920x1200. From time to time, when I wake my MBP from sleep through external keyboard/mouse to have it run solely on the external monitor, it sets the display at 1600x1200, so everything seems squished vertically. After a fresh reformat, the problem persists, though it is less frequent. It's just a minor annoyance that I can't seem to find a solution to fix permanently. I usually have to go to safe mode and adjust the resolution back to normal. Alternatively, only sometimes if I put it back to sleep and wake it up again with the external keyboard, it will detect the right settings. Has anyone else experienced this or know a solution? Thanks!
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    I guess the first question I would ask you is what kind of monitor? Are you using some sort of adaptor for the mini display port cable?

    Also, just a shot in the dark, but if you are using an Apple Cinema, have you do you have the USB cable plugged in? I made this very silly mistake myself.

    If you are using a standard (non-Apple monitor) there could be an issue with how it is connected that the MBP is detecting a setting and forcing the "correct" resolution.
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    I have a Hanns-G 28" monitor. I have a DVI-VGA adaptor connected to my MBP which goes to the monitor (my PS3 is using up the sole HDMI connection). I always check the connections from my MBP to the monitor and everything is basically fine. Also, I tried just disconnecting the whole setup (at the DVI adaptor to my MBP) and then replugging it back in, forcing the MBP to redetect everything, but it still detects the wrong resolution. It's a really weird problem that nobody seems to have.
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    Jul 17, 2010
    I get a similar problem with a mbp 5,3, vga connector and an acer x233h. I find turning the monitor off and on again, maybe twice, does the trick.

    Very annoying sometimes though...
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    Bleh, that doesn't work for me. It sometimes works if I just leave the MBP asleep for a while, then waking it up and praying it works. :/

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