Wrong time on 6s


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Apr 11, 2007
Have a 6s on Sprint. Last night I traveled an hour to another town. I noticed after I arrived the time on my iPhone was a hour behind (I did not cross a time zone). I restarted and it was fine. Now this evening it has done it again. I restarted it and initially it was behind, then it went to the correct time. I was planning to do the 9.1 update anyway so I did that and updated the carrier update for Sprint. Now an hour later the time is behind again. Everyone else in my household is also on Sprint and they're not having the same issue. I also realize that tomorrow morning at 2 am daylight savings time ends and then the time is suppose to be set back, not last night or right now.

I'm thinking a daylight savings time bug? But shouldnt it go off the Sprint network?

Anyone else with this issue?


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Mar 21, 2011
My wife's phone was an hour behind today, as if daylight savings started early. I toggled something in the clock settings off and back on and it fixed it, but yeah it was weird.


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Apr 6, 2007
I'm thinking a daylight savings time bug? But shouldnt it go off the Sprint network?
Yes it does, and the time being off on your phone means that Sprint hasn't updated their netowrk in that area to reflect the correct local time. If they aren't already working to fix it, you should call them to let them know it's a problem.

This is one reason I kinda wish iOS would provide the option to use NTP, or obtain the time directly from GPS when available, as a non carrier-dependent option for when the cell network time is wrong. This happens a lot more often than the carriers like to admit, usually (but not always) during the DST time changes.