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    Nov 3, 2010

    IOS 10.9.4

    I live in France and my problem is that whilst I was working on my Imac, it suddenly closed down and then re-opened. After that I can’t get any of my Inet pages up as it only takes me to the following address:

    and the screen looks like on the attached picture.
    I’m using Avast for Mac as antivirus and am now running a complete check.
    I think it might have come from Yahoo and have changed all my passwords.
    I haven’t changed my bank log in as I didn’t want to go into my accounts before I know if it's safe. Also, I can’t email from some of the accounts on the IMac, so have disabled them.
    Can anyone out there please let me know what I can do to sort it out.
    Many thanks in adance.
  2. blueb3ll thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 3, 2010

    Problem solved:)
    Don't know how though.
    First I went into Certificates but didn't understand anything, so turned the computer off. Went back later to see if re-setting Safari would help and when I opened it, everything worked OK.

    God moves in mysterious ways - especially when it comes to computers lol

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