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Jul 1, 2006
Vancouver Island
Did you actually download 5.22 and try it?
I know nothing about using perl, but out of curiosity I download it from here, and it seemed to install OK on my G4 MDD, at least there was no sign of the "wrong architecture" symbol showing up.
A list of what was installed is below.

Picture 1_1.JPG


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Oct 21, 2015
(UTC-05:00) Cuba
No I didn't actually install it. Downloaded both 5.20 and 5.22 but stopped when the installer when it said Snow Leopard (5.20) and Mavericks (5.22) is required.

I could try it and see what happens....

--- UPDATE ---

Tried it and was greeted with "Bad CPU type in executable" :(

--- Update 2 ---

Located a PPC version.
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