WTF? iPhone 4s battery spontaneously better.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by wesk702, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. wesk702, Nov 16, 2011
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    So I have a new replacement being sent from Applecare because I've been having terrible battery life about 15 hours with very minimal usage.

    Today, I actually used my phone for quite a bit and it's at 40% when it normally died. Updated to 5.01 on release day. No new change in behavior. Really odd. It's a considerably noticeable difference.

    Oh yeah forgot to mention still using the original phone.
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    (Jedi hand wave)

    There is no battery problem.
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    Not really. It's pretty objective. 15hrs vs 20 and counting with more usage.
    Just don't know what to do with the new phone ats coming in the mail. What if I return it and have more issues wi the replacement? What if I keep the original then. The battery is crap again after tomorrow?
    Wish they would let me keep both.
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    Dude, take a deep breath, and remember, it's all psychological, it's just a phone, use it, charge it, life goes on
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    My phone was sending/receiving data non stop after a few days of installing 5.01. I had made no changes since iOs4. 3 resets and setup as new phone did not stop the background data flow. Only avoiding my old backup files stopped the fast batt drain.
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    This is a confusing thread.

    How did you upgrade to 5.0.1 on launch day?

    And if you did apply the battery fix update and it worked why are you shocked that you battery life is better? Or think its some sort of spontanous magical change?


    .... :confused:
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    He was referring to release of 5.0.1.

    Some people don't actually understand that battery life does also depend on how you use your phone. Playing Infinity Blade is not the same as being on a call. Saying that you only got 3 hours of usage and 15 standby is not enough. Even mentioning that you did play games isn't going to be enough, as they all require different processing power.

    An improvement of 15 hours to 20 hours doesn't tell you much, as it also depends on how you were using the phone.
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    There's definately an issue with some devices. I order 3 4S (Sprint) and my Mom had 1 (ATT). Also, my boss has a Sprint 4S and one of my employees had an ATT 4S.

    Out of these 6 devices, one of them was completely unusable (ran very hot drained completely with no use in about 6 hours). One was poor, but usable (drained in 8-10 hours with 3 hours or less of use). One was OK (4-5 hours use, 12-16 hours standby). The other 3 were "normal".

    Returned my three Sprint ones, got new devices (ATT) and they're all suddenly fine. The "OK" one got the 5.0.1 update and battery life was up to what Apple advertised, 6+ hours use over a 18-20 hour day with battery at the end.

    The really bad one likely had a hardware problem. The marginal two were probably affected by whatever software problem 5.0.1 fixed.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Did you setup as new or restored from backup?
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    Like I said in the original post. I used the phone more and it lasted longer which is why I find it unusual.

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