WTF Its green the Screen is Green.

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    Before anybody freaks and Says "Take it back or Call Apple" I know to do this. But which one?

    Take it to Apple store or call apple?
    Which would you do? Its about a 2 hour drive to the closest Apple store.
    Also if I go to the Apple Store do you still have to make a Genius Appointment or just walk right in?

    I have no problem driving to Lenox or Perimeter Mall. IT would be quicker and no wait, but wife thinks call and mail.

    It started about a week ago doing this at power up from a cold start (shut down) but now it does it just randomly when it gets froggy. I was in the middle of using it online just a few hours ago when boom just setting there reading a website and boom. No clicks no jumps sparks or drama just, "hello I'm green now". Hasn't happened in a few days and now tonight.

    Oh and yes it has had the real bad yellowing since day one. Decided to keep it and not worry. Bought it about 2 weeks after they came out. Its an iPad 2.

    Here's a few more at my rotorblade69 photobucket account.


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    you dont happen to have Black on White set for Triple Click on the Home button do you? Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Triple-click Home. if you do have it setup I'd recommend trying a Triple Click on the Home button and see what happens, you've got nothing to lose in trying.
  3. rotorblade69, Aug 30, 2011
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    North West Georgia
    No definitely not it. I even checked it its not even turned on.

    Its a graphics issue or something.
    If this were a Desktop or Notebook I would say the graphics card has gone stupid.
    But its not.

    After last night its not stopped still doing the same thing. Turning it off doesn't fix it. Now its really Fubared now. Weird.


    I'm going to the apple store either friday or saturday.

    They'll probably just swap it out.
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    Nov 6, 2009
    Did you solved the green screen issue?

    My son's Ipad 2 screen went green yesterday for like 15 minutes, then it went black again. Is this an early sign of failure? It has apple care for like 1 more month and wonder if should ask for warranty service, the problem they may not take it since cannot show them the issue right now.

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