WTF :( MBP Crashes, Potentially Ruins User's Life

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by AdamGT, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. AdamGT macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
    My MBP crapped out in the middle of a gig.

    Tried everything from Recovery Mode to Justin Silver's kext fix.

    Basically the machine gets stuck in boot up. Progress gets about halfway then stops.

    In verbose boot, she's stuck at:

    /SourceCache/AppleFSCompression_kexts/AppleFSCompression-68.30.1/Common/ChunkCompression.cpp:186: usr/sbin/ocspd: VNOP_GETXATTR: errno 93

    A couple lines before that, there's a pci pause: SDXC

    Been using a new Lacie 2 TB external drive, but that's about the latest addition to the system.

    Any ideas? :)
  2. snaky69 macrumors 603

    Mar 14, 2008
    What year? What size? What version of OS X?

    We're missing quite a bit of key info here.
  3. UL2RA Suspended

    May 7, 2017
    Yes ... MORE INFO PREEZ!
  4. AdamGT thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2017

    DUH, sorry. Little caught up staring at this thing the last 2 days...

    OSX 10.10
    MacBook Pro "Core i5" 2.5 13" Mid-2012

    Thanks again...
  5. UL2RA Suspended

    May 7, 2017
    What kind of drive does it have? Is it the stock hard drive? The average life of a drip is around 4-5 years. Maybe your drive is going bad.
  6. AdamGT thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
    Yeah it's the stock drive. Definitely considered that, but also hope-springs-eternal, because I haven't done a full back up this month :/
  7. UL2RA Suspended

    May 7, 2017
    Well you can still back up data even if the boot partition has become corrupt. You would need to get something like an external drive dock to put the drive in to access your data if the computer won't boot. I'd look into getting a new drive ASAP. I'd recommend an SSD. It's very easy to change out yourself.
  8. AdamGT thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
    Good call.

    Also, some detail maybe...

    After initial problems, I rebooted in Safe Mode.

    From there I could log in, but Finder was frozen. So I'd relaunch, but it would stop responding again, relaunch, etc. Also, my speakers stopped working, as well as wifi (just grayed out).

    Certain programs worked fine... iTunes, Safari... but Terminal wouldn't.

    So I got out of Safe Mode, booted in Recovery, verified and repaired permissions, reset PRAM and SMC, then tried rebooting.

    That's when it got stuck :/
  9. macintoshmac macrumors 68030


    May 13, 2010
    Please remove any SDXC cards, any external disk connections. Try to boot now, and reset PRAM and SMC. Try reinstalling. It might not be as dire as a disk failure just yet.

    So many hangs, it might also be RAM going bonkers and not the disk.
  10. AdamGT thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
    Thanks for that Mac... did all of that, no result, other than the one mentioned above (like repairing permissions made it worse?) You also think RAM came loose?
  11. UL2RA Suspended

    May 7, 2017
    It just sounds like the behavior of a failing drive to me. I would back up everything you can and look into getting a new drive.
  12. macintoshmac macrumors 68030


    May 13, 2010
    Not loose, corrupt more like.
  13. Audit13 macrumors 68040


    Apr 19, 2017
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Possible problem with the internal hard drive cable?
  14. UL2RA Suspended

    May 7, 2017
    This is also a possibility. I've replaced a few of these for family members.
  15. AdamGT thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
    Newbie question, but do I need anything other than the MBP and an external drive to back up the drive while it's in this kinda shape?
  16. UL2RA Suspended

    May 7, 2017
    If you can't back up your files with an external drive, the other option would be to get an external drive dock. You can then take out your internal drive, put it in the dock, and recover your data.

    You can always test your computer by removing your internal drive for safe-keeping and putting a new drive in your Mac and installing macOS on it and seeing how your computer behaves. If everything is fine you'll know the drive was bad.

    Another thing you can do is clone your internal drive to another using either Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper ... and then installing the cloned drive inside your Mac.

    There's a lot of ways you can go about it. Hopefully your drive isn't damaged to where you can't get all your files off of it (if you drive is indeed going bad).
  17. AdamGT thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
    Sorry (and THANK you), but I mean: can I copy files over just via disk utility or terminal if I can't otherwise log in, or do I gotta go for a 3rd party device?
  18. minton macrumors member

    Jul 30, 2004
    Using an audio mixer, zero-out volume on laptop when it crashes and volume up to an iPad or an analog turntable. Even practicing blending between the sources can be fun at an otherwise crap show (bar mitzvahs, 40 year reunions etc.)
  19. AdamGT thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
    Sorry, again DUH, but I'll go through steps already posted... Better question, if I'm copying over all my files, volumes, library, blah blah, am I also copying over the problem?
  20. UL2RA Suspended

    May 7, 2017
    It's better to save everything just in case. I don't think you'll copy over the problem. The worst case scenario is some of the files will be corrupt.
  21. ZapNZs, Jun 8, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017

    ZapNZs macrumors 68020


    Jan 23, 2017
    If it were me, I would...

    A) remove the hard drive, place it in an enclosure, and run a SMART program to look for mechanical failure ---OR--- if a non-removable drive, run a portable OS like Ubuntu Live and then use the 'Disk' feature to check the SMART data for hard drive failure.
    (NOTE - the 2012 MBP has known issues with the SATA cable, and this has sometimes resulted in strange/sporadic behavior when it starts to go - attempting to boot your hard drive in a USB or ThunderBolt enclosure can help you determine if this is a more likely issue or not, BUT, if this is in fact a hard drive failure, the more you do with the drive can indeed make recovery more difficult in some cases.)

    --provided this is NOT hard drive failure and most likely NOT a SATA cable failure--

    B) Run the Apple Hardware Test/Apple Diagnostics to examine other hardware components via a short diagnostic profiler

    --provided this does NOT indicate other hardware failure or if it will not run--

    C) Rebuild the drive with DiskWarrior

    --if DW rebuild does not fix the issue--

    D) Go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider and have them run extended diagnostics while anticipating some type of hardware failure other than the hard drive given it is almost unheard of for DiskWarrior to be unable to repair directory corruption, and since HDD failure and SATA cable failure were already considered & tested for.

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