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WTH Apple Music!


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May 31, 2015
the thing I’ve always hated about Apple Music is the way it screws with your own ripped or otherwise previously owned music.
So now what did you do AM? Every single song I previously owned is in a separate unknown album with separate artwork entitled unknown album. Uggh!!


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Jan 20, 2016
San Francisco, CA, USA
The reason why I don't renew the service, and looking for other alternatives.

Other people will tell you to;

- Create a second library for Apple Music, and turn off iCloud Music Library for your main music library.
- Asking you to get the old files from backup, and start using Apple Music with the above option.

I also find that some time my album art being changed without my permission as well. Very annoying.
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Dec 25, 2013
This used to happen to me years ago, and I ended up reuploading my music and now it hasn’t happened since.


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Jul 11, 2009
I have a huge classical library, which I carefully built up with album art, etc., over many years. Apple Music has really messed with my artwork, often by substituting artwork for a different recording (different orchestra, different conductor, etc.) of one of the same pieces on the original album. The worst part is that I don't have much time to work on a fix these days, so I have to live with the issue on a daily basis.

There is much I like about Apple Music, but you've hit on a big downside.
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