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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by mrzeve, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Jan 25, 2005
    Hey all, looking for some programmers, specifically ones who can develop a Widget that can be opened in Dashcode.

    Heres what I'm looking for:

    A widget that can grab the source of a webpage, possibly even a RSS feed, and return the results of the fields i request in list format.

    For example, the page will have something along the lines of:
    Title: Apple releases iPhone
    Description: Apple released an iPhone today. It is said to be...
    Item ID: 43993

    The widget will return the results like this
    Apple releases iPhone
    Apple released an iPhone today. It is said to be...

    Clicking on the bold text will, inside the widget itself, bring up the rest of the article, which is located on a completely different webpage. The widget must parse it again.

    So, itempage43993 will have more information on it and the widget must then grab it and display it. Basically a full blown news reader if you may.

    Then, for the last kicker - the widget has to be able to create documents/files on the hard drive. The user can click a link "save this news article to my desktop" or something along those lines.

    Obviously when you code this for me I will provide you with more information and better details.

    I will hire based on experience and on your hourly rate. I'd much rather pay for the project in total rather then by hour. But, whatever needs to be done must be done.

    And I prefer that it be done so it can be opened in a application like Dashcode so I can alter it my self. Also, all code becomes property of myself once it is sold to me.

    Let me know.

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